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DJ's Final Rankings: Top-150 with TONS of shockers!

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Full disclosure:   I'm a fan of Daniel Jeremiah,  but I confess this final rankings feels like the strangest one he's ever put out.    More surprises than even I was expecting.    And I was expecting a fair amount.     I've been saying there will be more disagreements in the scouting community this year than ever before due to Covid.     But there are a LOT of eye opening rankings!


I won't list them in this post....     but there will be PLENTY to talk about once you read this.    You may want pen and paper handy to make notes!


Enjoy!      And buckle-up!!     What a ride!




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Offensive line is where DJ breaks from the group think.


He's got 3 OL in the first round, and that's it.   Slater, Sewell,  AVT.     No one else.


But everyone is packed into a crowded Round 2.


35.     Mayfield       Calls him a Right Tackle

36.     Jenkins        Calls him a Right Tackle

37.     Radunz        Calls him a Right Tackle

38.     Darrisaw      Says he'll start his career at RT, before shifting back to LT


40.     Dickerson     Best Center

45.    Meinerz        

47.    Eichenberg    Calls him a Right Tackle


NOTE:  The bio write-ups stop after 50 picks.   The rest is in list form.


53.    Humphrey      Center


61.   Cosmi              Tackle

62.   Leatherwood   Tackle

63    Dalman            Center.    Yes,  THAT Drew Dalman   Highest rated Stanford player?!?

66    Brown              Tackle

67    Christensen     Tackle


76.   Little                 Tackle


82.   Hainsey            Guard


96.   Carmen            Tackle

97.   Hudson            Tackle



I know, I know!      I can't believe it either!?



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But its what I've noticed about the LT class.  They aren't really left tackles in the NFL.  Even the elite LTs this year project to more of a pro bowl G than a LT.  And the others project to RT, if not actually played RT in college


I think there are fewer real LT options than most people think.


DJ also appears to look at positional value more than some rankings.  He's got play making WRs and RBs and edge's ranked higher than most other ranking publications.


BTW, is there a big difference between Kwity Paye and Ronnie Perkins?

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Thanks for posting this... You didn't list your notables but I will list mine from this list...



- Waddle over Smith... but they are 5 and 6 so... not a true shocker

- Lance over Fields 

- Slater over Sewell... it feels like he's going against the grain with all those, but doesn't want to go all in and puts the right next to eachother... all of them. 

- Moehrig at no. 16... that's as high as I've seen him I think

- Rousseau at no. 18 right after Paye. I wouldn't take him top 20

- Ettiene over Harris... agree

- Farley drops out of top 20... 

- Jamin Davis no. 23

- Azeez Ojulari - barely makes his top 30. I like Ojulari MUCH BETTER than Rousseau... he doesn't

- Mac Jones no. 32...  yep

- Jalen Mayfield no. 35... above Teven Jenkinsa and Darrisaw. Hell no. I don't like this. Horrible. At any position. I'd take Jenkins at LT, at G, at C, at RT... over Mayfield

- Christian Darrisaw no. 38. I hope the NFL sees him like this and he drops to 21... Doubt it though... his OL rankings are completely out of whack. 

- Bateman no. 41. Lowest I've seen him I think... 

- Payton Turner makes his debut in his top 50... good. 

- Barmore at 43... lowest I've seen him

- Tommy Tremble no. 52... highest I've seen him I think... 

- Cosmi at 61, Spencer Brown 66, Brady Christiansen 67 

- Elerson Smith at 72... boy, I thought I was high on him. 

- Tutu... 79. thanks but no thanks...

- Zech McPhearson 85... highest I've seen him

- Derrick Barnes  98... another one I thought I was high on but he's even higher on. 

- Amon-Ra and Josh Palmer out of the top 100... I think I like both of them better than this. 

- Shemar Jean-Charles cracks the top 150... interesting... 

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I think this shows what a couple of people here in the forum have said. That this draft I think is going to shock people because of the mock drafts they've been seeing the past 3-4 months.


It's almost like before anyone should be allowed to see a mock draft, they should have come up with their own first (and done whatever youtube watching they wanted on players). Then people would be able to take the bias out of their thoughts.

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Don't think DJ is that off on a lot of these guys.  Might be a few lower then what i would have but i can defiantly respect it.  The big ones that jumped off the page to me was Cosmi at 61, Leatherwood at 62 and Little at 76.


Teams in this draft are really going to have to put in the work in the scouting department this year.  Lots of strange numbers from pro days coming from hand timed vs electronic timed we would see at the combine.  Seems like everybody was running their 40's in the 4.3's this year.  Also lots of incomplete information.  For me it was like agents were telling guys not to do specific drills at their pro days just so they don't "taint" their draft status.  Raises a big red flag to me.  We're really doing see what teams put in the work and have their scouts getting the good information. The With The First Pick series leads me to believe that we have those people in place and not just a bunch of good editing making things look a lot rosier then it really is.

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