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Trent Richardson is playing for a team in Mexico, the Caudillos in Chihuahua City.

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I was checking out what Trent Richardson has been up to lately and imagine my surprise when I saw this:





Apparently, there are two competing football (not soccer) leagues in Mexico. The one Trent Richardson is on is called Liga Futbol Americano de Mexico, and he signed with the Caudillos on Feb 11th. The Caudillos had their first season in 2019, and much of the league is still new. The information I could find on the Internet is a mess; Wikipedia says the league plays their regular season from Feb to Apr and the post-season in May, but on Browns Nation, they say kickoff is June 4th, so who knows, but I think its June 4th considering Trent Richardson has no stats. The Caudillos have a Youtube channel, but it gets almost no views despite uploading new content.


According to rolltidewire, Richardson said, "We’ve talked about everything in our meetings that we’ve been having. So who knows? I might play,” said Richardson. “I might be a part of making decisions or helping out bringing awareness or I might be a part of [the defense], all of the above. So we’ll see.” 


He doesn't sound very sure of his role, lol. Well hopefully for him, the skill level is so low he doesn't need to find the hole and can just bulldoze people.

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Interesting. I remember Ball State had a quarterback a few years back during the 2008 run, Nate Davis. Got drafted by the 49ers, flamed out; was picked up by the Colts, also didn’t do much; finally he settled in a Texas indoor football league where his signing day was at a Texas Roadhouse... He’s still there to this day. 


I always figured Trent would end up somewhere along those lines if he was still wanting to play. 

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