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They stay in Baltimore so i’d only be an hour and a half away and could attend every game.

Brandon Burlsworth's car accident......kid worked so hard to come so far and was the type of player and person who fits the franchise perfectly. I have zero doubt he would have helped anchor the O Lin

Super Bowl 3 loss to Jets

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    • I guess you have to answer this question first: will the Eagles be able to trade Ertz or will they have to cut him? If its the latter, the Colts are wise to sit tight and wait. I'd very much like to see Ertz in a Colts uniform. Their TE room isn't all that impressive right now. But I don't see any team giving up draft picks or players for Ertz if they think the Eagles will have to cut him.....which is what I think the Eagles will do. Then the Colts can pounce. 
    • He isn't anti Vax.  He is anti this particular vaccine.    There is a difference
    • Here here. That said, I want to build on this by saying, it’s their lives to be lived how they see fit, who am I to judge 
    • Remember, this is how the Julio Jones rumors started? It’s like dejavu! It’s like dejavu! Sorry, I had to do that. Remember, how everyone said that it was not possible for Jones to end up with the Titans because they had no salary cap space? We all knew that was not true. All it takes is a contract restructure here, a signing bonus there, and poof, it magically happens. Now, the reality is that the Colts will match-up against the future hall-of-famer 2-3 times a year. If the latest rumors are true, the Titans are now thought to be the favorites to land disgruntled TE Zach Ertz. Are the Colts really going to sit by again and allow the Titans to continue to load up? As it stands the Chiefs will likely be as good as they were last year (thank you Patrick Mahomes). In my opinion, the Bills, Browns, Chargers, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers and Titans have all improved in the offseason. The Colts caught a break in that they likely will not have to play Deshaun Watson twice a year. If rumors are correct, Watson would like to play for the Broncos. Add another playoff contender in the AFC! There is also a chance that last year’s MVP, Aaron Rodgers, will be traded. You can almost bet that if the Packers are forced to trade Rodgers, that he won’t be going to an NFC team. Add yet another playoff contender. Even with the expanded playoff format, there are only so many wildcard spaces to be had. We only have to look back to last year to be reminded that we were that 7th and final seed. As we know, that position landed us a road game against one of the top AFC teams, and an early exit from the 2020 playoffs. So, it begs the question. Are the Colts really doing enough this offseason to keep pace with the other contenders in the AFC?   I get it, Ertz will be 31 in November, I heard the same nonsense about Julio Jones. Did you know that Tom Brady will be 44 in August, 44! Aaron Rodgers will be 38 in December. I sure wish those guys could still play! Guess who else turned 31 in May, Jack Doyle. Guess who else turns 32 in October, Travis Kelce. I digress. Ok, Ertz had horrible numbers in an injury-plagued season last year (36 receptions, 335 yards, 1 TD, in 11 games. This broke a 5-year streak where Ertz had tallied more than 800 receiving yards a year; highlighted by a career-high (116 receptions, 1,163 yards, and 8 TD’s in 16 games in 2018). So, maybe Ertz will never put up Travis Kelce type numbers again. But what if he gets back to his 800 receiving yard standard? What if he gets back to being an absolute imposing force in the RedZone? From examining the dismal stats of Carson Wentz last year, we all know the Eagles offense struggled to say the least. It stands to reason that Ertz would struggle as well in addition to being hampered by nagging injuries. The Colts have taken a huge gamble betting that Wentz will return to his 2018 form. Is it any more unrealistic to assume that Ertz may be able to do the same? Remember that it was Ertz, who happens to be good friends with Wentz, who helped propel him to MVP consideration in 2018. But, what about the huge $8 million salary hit that comes along with Ertz? Contract restructure, signing bonus, poof! (see aforementioned scenario above).   What about the fallacy that the Colts don’t need more tight ends? I like Jack Doyle, but Doyle tallied his worst numbers in five seasons last year as well (23 receptions, 251 yards, 3 TD’s, in 14 games). His best season was (80 receptions, 690 yards, and 4 TD’s in 15 games in 2017). Moe Allie-Cox had career highs last year with (31 receptions, 394 yards, and 2 TD’s in 15 games. Even though he has improved, I still feel like the Colts are reluctant to use him as a true offensive weapon much like they did with Eric Ebron in 2018. Why does it seem like everybody had a career year in 2018? Ebron quietly logged (56 receptions, 558 yards, and 5 TD’s in 15 games) for the Steelers last year, a stat line that bested any tallied by Colts tight ends. Kylen Granson certainly has potential, but it is just that, potential. The odds that a rookie tight end provides a major contribution are not good. The last rookie tight end to log more than 700 yards in a season was Evan Engram in 2017, a number he has not been able to duplicate since. Before that, it was Jeremy Shockey in 2002 with 894 yards. The fact that Ertz logged five straight seasons with over 800 yards before last season should not go unnoticed.   Imagine the following scenario. The Colts and Titans are locked in a close game that will decide the 2021 AFC South Winner. As it is, they will likely be trying to stop Julio Jones, A.J. Brown, and Derrick Henry. Can the Colts really take the chance to allow the Titans to add Ertz to that mix? One thing is clear. The Titans see their window of opportunity and they are swinging for the fences. Will the Colts take the same approach of will they continue to maintain the status quo? Which approach do you think has the best chance of success in 2021?      
    • Yep, he is. I think that was what JimmyG's post was referencing.   I don't either, but I can only control my own actions, so I can't worry about them. I'll try to point out disinformation that I see posted on social media, but it's really tough to get through to people that have jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon. I respect everyone's individual right to make decisions for themselves. I just wish more people were making those decisions based on factual scientific information and not some meme that their cousin posted on Facebook/Twitter/etc.
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