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Gavin Flash Mock: Round 1

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Round 1 Thread

( @NFLfan please pin)



Info and Rules, as well as your time slot for tomorrow - Please read


  • Draft will start 7pm on Monday (tomorrow evening).
  • The plan is to do do minimum 5 rounds, Mon-Fri. If we have good participation, we may do 6 and 7 on Mon and Tues of next week.
  • Each GM has a 5 minute draft window that is pre-scheduled (see below). If you miss your window, we will drop your pick to one of the 3 scheduled breaks where you can make your pick. If you are still absent, we will pick the best player available that meets one of your primary needs ( https://thedraftnetwork.com/team-needs). You can also PM Chad and I with your preferred picks or strategy if you fear you might miss your window. Chad will be in charge of making missed picks for absent GMs. 
  • We will have a dedicated trade thread moderated by Chad - All trade rules will be posted there. Please read the first post if you plan on trading.
  • We will have a locked and dedicated big board and draft pick/order thread moderated and updated real time by NFLfan. Please check this thread to see updated BPA and/or to see who's picked who.


Trade rules

  • All trades must be approved by Chad in designated trade thread.
  • Only pick-for-pick trades will be allowed during the draft hours. 
  • All personnel-for-pick trades must be pre-negotiated with the other GM and submitted to Chad in the designated trade thread by 6pm (one hour prior to draft)
  • No trades for future picks

Draft Order

7:00pm - 1. Jacksonville @chad72
7:05 - 2. NY Jets @Archer
7:10 - 3. San Fan (Houston) @BProland85
7:15 - 4. Atlanta @jvan1973
7:20 - 5. Cincinnati @stitches
7:25 - 6. Miami (Philly) @EastStreet
7:30 - 7. Detroit @RNGDShobby
7:35 - 8. Carolina @MPStack


7:40 - Mini Break (to catch up lists and missed windows, or refill your cocktail)


7:50 - 9. Denver @ColtsGermany
7:55 - 10. Dallas @luv_pony_express
8:00 - 11. NY Giants @DiogoSales
8:05 - 12. Philly (San Fran) @Defjamz26
8:10 - 13. LA Chargers @PRnum1
8:15 - 14. Minnesota @luv_pony_express
8:20 - 15. New England @Nickster
8:25 - 16. Arizona - @JoeThornburg




9:00 - 17. Las Vegas - Commissioner Pick @chad72
9:05 - 18. Miami - @EastStreet
9:10 - 19. Washington @Coltsman1788
9:15 - 20. Chicago - Commissioner Pick @EastStreet
9:20 - 21. COLTS! - @WarGhost21
9:25 - 22. Tennessee - Kansas City @danlhart87
9:30 - 23. NY Jets (Seattle) @Archer
9:35 - 24. Pittsburgh - @JoeThornburg


9:40 - Mini Break


9:50 - 25. Jacksonville (Rams) - @chad72
9:55 - 26. Cleveland - @RNGDShobby
10:00 - 27. Baltimore - @JediXMan
10:05 - 28. New Orleans - @SaturdayAllDay
10:10 - 29. Green Bay - @DiogoSales
10:15 - 30. Buffalo - Commissioner pick @EastStreet
10:20 - 31. Kansas City - Tennessee @Jared Cisneros
10:25- 32. Tampa Bay - @jvan1973

@chad72 is on the clock :-) and has till 7:05 tomorrow evening

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  • NFLfan pinned this topic
7 minutes ago, chad72 said:


Also, @JoeThornburg wanted to take on the Arizona Cardinals, if I remember him saying that. You can update the Cardinals with his name. @JoeThornburg - is that still the case? Please confirm.


@EastStreet - FYI. 


I changed it and updated the draft order reflecting the trade between KC and Tennessee. 


I have to sign out to start working. I will check back in 4 or so hours. 

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14 hours ago, jvan1973 said:

I will not be awake for the Bucs first round pick.   Just putting it out there.   Take BPA from what ever source you like


You could trade out of that position. If you trade down then you can make your first pick for Tampa tomorrow at an earlier time slot. Just an idea. 

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3 hours ago, ColtsGermany said:

I think about it and will send you a pm in a few hours when I'm at home from work. 


6 hours ago, stitches said:

Bengals open to trading down with the Broncos. 

#5 for #9 + #40? 


Hey guys, use the trade thread pretty please. 

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First round begins in T minus 10 minutes

Round 1 Session 1

1) Jacksonville Jaguars @chad72 7:00pm
2) New York Jets @Archer 7:05pm
3) San Francisco 49ers  (from Houston Texans through Miami Dolphins)  @BProland85 7:10pm
4) Atlanta Falcons @jvan1973 7:15pm
5) Cincinnati Bengals @stitches 7:20pm
6) Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles) @EastStreet 7:25pm
7) Detroit Lions. @RNGDShobby 7:30pm

8) Carolina Panthers. @MPStack 7:35pm

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5 minutes ago, chad72 said:

With the 1st pick of the Gavin Mock 2021 Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars select:


Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson


@Archer and The New York Jets are on the clock at 7:05 pm

Why would you give one of the Colts rivals such a talented potential QB in the division? I don't get it. :( I'm choosing K.J. Costello all day long here! haha 

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2 minutes ago, chad72 said:

Hope @BProland85 shows up and the 49ers, whose pick is much awaited, do not move back in line. It would be a bummer of a start to the draft. 

He'll fall to the mini-break at 740

I don't think he sent me any picks? Did he send you some?


You're on the clock

@stitches on deck -- I have his picks if he doesn't show

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1 minute ago, EastStreet said:

With all the draft capital the Jags and Jets have, both have have a quick turnaround. 

I think Jax will be quicker. I just have little faith in the Jets.

I have some faith in the Jets with Joe Douglas as GM and Robert Saleh as the HC. The Jets may of had the worst GM/HC combo in the NFL for a short time in McCagnan and Gase. Their first draft with Douglas was respectable, and I'd have to imagine that almost any qualified HC would be better than Adam Gase. 


Again though, it'll depend on how Zach Wilson or whichever QB they select does for them. They certainly have enough picks for the next two years to build around him.

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Just now, EastStreet said:

He'll fall to the mini-break at 740

I don't think he sent me any picks? Did he send you some?


Did he ever trade the pick? He mentioned it.


Let me know if I am doing everything the way you want it on the other thread. 

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Picks so far:


Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson

Jets - Zach Wilson, QB, BYU

49ERS - Skipped to mini-break (no show)

Falcons - Skipped to mini-break (no show)

Bengals - Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida

Dolphins - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

Lions - Devonta Smith, WR,  Alabama


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We are now in the mini break until 750. 

I have @ColtsGermany picks


@chad72 I'll give @BProland85 and @jvan1973 till 745, and then I'll make their PBA based on primary team need.




When we resume Session 2

9) Denver Broncos. @ColtsGermany 7:50pm
10) Dallas Cowboys.  @luv_pony_express 7:55pm
11) New York Giants. @DiogoSales 8:00pm
12) Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco 49ers through Miami Dolphins). @Defjamz26
13) Los Angeles Chargers. @PRnum1 8:10pm
14) Minnesota Vikings @luv_pony_express 8:15
15) New England Patriots. @Nickster 8:20
16) Arizona Cardinals @chad72 8:25

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    • I assume that it means he's available for targeting if the QB looks his way...Mo did his job correctly, but the lack of catches is on others.   I don't get why Frank would be criticized and not Wentz for that.  Unless Frank is supposed to design plays for Mo being the first read.  But to whom the ball is thrown to first comes down to knowing defensive alignments and defensive play calls, and nobody knows that until 15 seconds are left on the play clock.
    • you probably think hes a jerk because hes not vaccinated.. 
    • If he can sign with us straight up I’m all for it.  If we have to trade anything substantial no thanks.  I would give up our 2nd this year for two years with Rodgers and the FAs he will bring. That’s the max bc we will need the other picks to in 23 and 24 to work trades to go all in with him.  It probably won’t work out and get a SB but it would be a lot of fun for two years.     ps.  I personally think that dude is a diva and he annoys the heck out of me.  Yeah he is super talented but there is something about that guy and how he has alienated his family and employer that makes me think he is a little punk.  I don’t know the whole story at all so I’m way out of bounds but it’s how I feel. When it doesn’t work out for the next team that gets him he will talk trash about the team and say it was their fault. 
    • We dont have a tremendous amount of cap, but I think we have enough to make ONE big move - DE   And maybe 2 small ones   I still dont know what to think about Fisher   The guy rushed back really soon. Who knows if the pass protect gets a bit better with a healthy Fisher
    • “Pittman is the deep threat”???   You're the first person I’ve seen write that.  Everyone else views Pittman as the possession guy.  The guy who gets first downs.   Is that what you meant to say, or was  that an accident?      I think people here view Campbell or Hilton as a deep threat.  
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