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Blackmon singing to his new born daughter

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On 4/17/2021 at 3:11 AM, Mackrel829 said:

wth?! Dudes a baller and he's got PIPES!

I remember they posted a rookie talent show last year and Julian kind of blew everyone else away I think.

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11 hours ago, CheezyColt said:

I remember they posted a rookie talent show last year and Julian kind of blew everyone else away I think.


I vaguely remembered something like this but misremembered that I saw it on Hard Knocks so figured it couldn't haven't been the Colts.


Now that you mention this though, I think you're right.

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    • Drafted players are eligible for new contracts once they've completed their third season. So Nelson could be signed to an extension with the start of the 2021 league year. I believe the first Monday in May, after the draft, is the deadline for the 5th year option (without looking it up).
    • "if they're willing to part with valuable 2022 draft picks"   therein lies the rub, the Colts have no valuable 2022 picks to trade. the 1st/2nd round 2022 picks are tied up with the Wentz deal, unless Atlanta would be willing to make it contingent with a pick in 2023   I don't see Atlanta doing it. if they were going that route, they would have traded Ryan, taken a qb at 4, etc.    
    • Cubs need a win today and badly, can't lose a series to a bad team. Looking good so far, Cubs up 2-0 in the 4th Inning. A win puts us at 19-20 almost right at .500. For this team to have any chance to do anything, we have to beat the bad teams. 
    • A lot of teams have won with that formula. When Russell Wilson won a SB he wasn't great, he was just good back in 2013 but they had a great O.Line that season. Nick Foles has always been average in reality and he won with that formula as well, Eagles had a great O.Line in 2017. Joe Flacco also did in 2012 so did Eli in 2007 and 2011.   Although not recently, the Redskins won 3 SB's in 10 seasons with their O.Line being the strongest part of their team. They won with 3 different QB's and none of them are Hall of Famers = Theismann, Williams, and Rypien.   Yes you need at least a good QB to win, I have always said that but with a great O.Line and a good QB, sure you can win a SB. Of course it would be fabulous to have Peyton Manning as your QB and just a good O.Line but that is rare having a Peyton type lol.
    • Actually, the Safety position is EXTREMELY important in this defense.   The fact is, your defense line doesnt get home every play   You need a speedy player that can keep up with the long throw 
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