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A question for you guys

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What do you guys think of Rodgers on Jeapordy so far? Anyway how’s everyone doing? Will the Colts be playoff bound with Wentz this year? What other areas of the team are you guys worried about?

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41 minutes ago, Arodgers12 said:

What do you guys think of Rodgers on Jeapordy so far? Anyway how’s everyone doing? Will the Colts be playoff bound with Wentz this year? What other areas of the team are you guys worried about?

I've liked him 

His reaction to contestants not knowing GB Packers was hilarious 

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Rodgers is doing a good job.  I've watched every episode with him. 


I think Wentz will do a good job with the Colts. He was in a bad coaching situation last year; he seems to be happy in Indy and is doing well practicing with the other players. I hope they make the playoffs again.  Not really worried about an area; I will wait to see what happens with the draft and take things from there. 

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    • It doesn't really matter where you allocate your cap resources as long as you're paying guys who aren't going to put their feet up once they get paid.   And the reason this will always be true is because each roster's end strength can still be fine even with money unevenly distributed.  You either have a good roster or you don't.  And the Colts, fortunately, have a very good roster so I could care less where the money is piled.   For this season my only concern with the OL is Fisher holding up and living up to expectations.  After the draft that concern was a lot stronger than it is now.  Now I feel much better but if Fisher misses time or otherwise doesn't play well Wentz will be the guy who suffers.     Lastly paying two guys on an OL is not crazy either.  I'm fine with that in and of itself.  
    • Ballard has taken his shots at drafting defensive backs; Hooker, Wilson, Rock, Willis, Blackmon to name a few.  Some have worked out. That said I like the idea of adding a veteran FA or two as aces in the hole in case things go astray with our younger players.  Rhodes and Carrie are good examples.  I actually wouldn't mind adding another veteran like Breeland for example.  Another proven vet who can hold the fort if necessary.  Especially this year as we make a SB run.  17 games is a long season.  
    • I think Fisher was signed with the intention of keeping him well beyond 2021.  Ballard will pay and extend the players he wants to keep.  I don't worry about such things as spending too much on the OL.  That's Ballard's job.  I have confidence he knows what he is doing.  Too many variables can change the best of plans.  I don't get hung up on keeping players until they retire.  Very few players are able to do that.  As a fan I am just hoping for success and a chance at at SB very year.  
    • One of the biggest benefits of this defense is the ability to play it with middle of the road CBs.... If of course, you have a pass rush   You invest in pass rush DL vs CBs   If you play a lot of Man to man, you need 1 or 2 - 12-16M players   CBs are some of the most expensive position to fill   Jalen Ramsey's cap hit is 21 million this year.......     People keep calling on us to spend big FA money and early draft capitol on CBs, just like other teams   IMHO, keep bringing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round CBs that are 6ft or bigger, and might run a 4.5 forty but can tackle   You do need a safety that can play to cover the deep ball when the DL doenst get home, but you cant have both          
    • In a way it doesn’t even matter if the cap goes way up. All that means is your stats are going to get paid more.
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