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Been playing around with mock drafts for fun.  Would you be happy with this draft though don’t think it’s realistic.


21:  Darrisaw

54:  Trade to 49ers for pick 102 plus 2nd rounder and 3rd rounder in 2022 AND 2023

102:  Cade Johnson WR

127:  Jaelon Darden WR

165:  Joshua Kaindoh edge

206:  Janrious Robinson edge

248:  Brenden Jaimes tackle


Sort of a punt draft but load up on capital with the trade down and I feel great about Darrisaw solving tackle and one I’d the two WRs hitting.  I would be happy.  Kind of really wanting Ballard to score future draft capital on a trade down.  Think with cap strapped teams this year wanting talent, hoping Ballard can find someone willing mortgage future draft capital for this year knowing cap goes up in the future to spend on FAs.

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Not really.  Yes, the Darrisaw pick is good.  But overall, it's just 2 tackles, 2 receivers, 2 edges.

And I can't say I like the trade down.  Yes, it gives us two extra 2nds and two extra 3rds.  But later.  Trading away what could amount to a consequential pick.

So, yeah, I see what you did there, and the trade value is good, considering, but I can't say I'm really with it.  I'm hoping we get a better guy now rather than more guys later.

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