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First of all, I'd like to give a thousand props to @stitches and @Caleb3502 for their excellent mocks that I would love to see play out in the coming weeks. I usually do mine a few weeks earlier and a hell of a lot more college scouting than I did this year, but life has prevented that. Like stitches, I am using thedraftnetwork, spotrac, and overthecap, as well as the pff big board as a guide for cap projectinos/contract projections and to see where others have guys rated. 


CAP SPACE - $48.9M



Ryan Kelly - saves $7M

Grover Stewart - saves $3M



Jack Doyle - saves 4.4M - I love Jack Doyle but this is a business, and I can't justify keeping him on the roster and taking reps away from MAC who has proven to be everything that everyone thought Doyle was. If there was a trade offer on the table I'd jump at that for sure but I don't think there's a market.


CAP SPACE - $63.3M



Mo Alie-Cox - 2Y/8M - The guy was studly in the first half of the year and then kinda disappeared with the snaps being so divvied up between him, Doyle, and Burton. I want to see Mo Cox.

Zach Pascal - 1Y/3.5M - Second round tender

TJ Carrie - 1Y/2M - He performed admirably when called upon last year so he gets a salary bump and chance to compete for an expanded role.

George Odum - 1Y/1M - Special teams ace, just don't ask him to play safety.

Ashton Dulin - 1Y/540K ERFA

Taylor Stallworth 1Y/750K ERFA


I'd like to keep Rhodes and Hilton but I think they find more money elsewhere. Rhodes also scares me because last time he got paid he played like a practice squad player. I'd love for TY to be a Colt lifer but I don't think it's happening and I've accepted that now. I'd like Houston to stay another year but I'll get over it if he doesn't. Autry is a total JAG to me and I'd like to see Tyquan slide into his role. 


CAP SPACE - $51.5M



Trey Hendrickson DE - 3Y/30M - Fits the Ballard size requirement and has some nice sack production. I am honestly pretty lukewarm about the EDGE players in free agency despite what everyone else says but I think we have to bring one in and he represents my favorite option there. 


Jonnu Smith TE - 4Y/36M - Homie will fit the Reich offense perfectly in the Ebron/Burton type role, he'll just be better at it. Plus we get the added bonus of sticking it to the Titans.


Rashard Higgins WR - 4Y/24M - Not the sexy signing everyone wants but I think he'd be a solid, under the radar signing. Once ODB went down and he got some opportunities he put up some good numbers. Great YPC so I think he could stretch the field and open things up for Pittman in the intermediate and Campbell underneath. 


Quinton Dunbar CB - 2Y/12M - I don't see him getting a huge contract after his off field shenanigans last year. His play went from elite to utter trash in Seattle but I'm gonna put some blame on the culture they seem to be cultivating out there. I think he could have a Rhodes-esque resurgence here with Eberflus. Nice, long corner too.


Ahkello Witherspoon CB - 1Y/3M - Graded out very well with PFF just didn't have much playing time. Has all the measurables Ballard likes and I'd love to have him here playing some press D. Giving him the same contract Rhodes got and let's see how it plays out.


Tashaun Gipson S - 1Y/1M - Need depth with Wilson walking.


Tanoh Kpassognon DT - 1Y/1.5M - Impressive length. Not much more to say about him but he fits the Ballard mold and I'd like to see if a change in scheme is what he needs. Kind of fits the Autry/Margus Hunt role.


Roderick Johnson OT- 1Y/2M - Has had playing time and hasn't looked terrible. My idea is to bring in vets to compete on that left side and see which one sticks because Green and Clark ain't it.


Julie'n Davenport OT - 1Y/1M - The other vet.





Trade our first for Buffalo's 1st and 3rd (30 and 93)


1/30 - Dillon Radunz LT - I think with an NFL weight training regimen he will be a stud and a great replacement for Castonzo.

2/54 - Dyami Brown WR - Field stretcher with solid route running abilities.

3/93 - Payton Turner DE - Another size and length prospect that Ballard would love, and hey, at least this edge rusher isn't in the second round. :)

4/128 - Benjamin Cleveland OG - Let's just maul people in the run game with this big boy.

5/166 - Alim McNeil DT - PFF loves the guy but all the boards seem to have him dropping pretty far. Big time run stuffer.

6/206 - Cameron Sample DE - Improved by leaps and bounds for his senior year and I like his size.

7/249 - Sam Ehlinger QB - Stash him on the PS and see if he develops.


QB - Wentz, Eason, Ehlinger (maybe)

RB - Taylor, Hines, Wilkins

WR - Pittman, Campbell, Higgins, Brown, Pascal, Dulin

TE - Smith, Alie-Cox, Togiai

LT - Radunz, Davenport

LG - Nelson, Pinter

C - Kelly

RG - Glowinski, Cleveland

RT - Smith, Johnson


DE - Hendrickson, Turay, Lewis, Turner, Sample

DT - Buckner, Stewart, McNeil, Kpassognon, Stallworth

LB - Leonard, Okereke, Adams, Franklin, Speed, Glasgow

CB - Moore, Ya-Sin, Dunbar, Witherspoon, Carrie, Rogers

S - Blackmon, Willis, Gipson, Odum


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Good balanced mock. I love that you are shooting multiple shots at CB. Hopefully one hits... Same with DE. Both positions need addressing.


I like that you get two different receivers and a TE who can catch too... Wentz needs options.


I'm not sure I love the OTs but again - you are getting multiple of them so hopefully one of them pans out.


Cheers... :cheers: we are hours from tampering window and we will start learning news hopefully soon.



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Glad to hear that you liked my mocks. The big part of my recent mock (Okwara) just re-signed with Detroit, but hopefully the other parts can come to fruition. Okwara just got $13M/year, so I'm curious as to what Hendrickson will get. 


Just saw a report when I got home that Titans will most likely not re-sign Jonnu Smith or Corey Davis. I worry that Smith's price might get too high since him and Henry are the top TEs, but I would love to have him at $9M/year.  


I had the Colts signing Higgins in a mock I did a year or two ago. He's a mid tier FA that makes a lot of sense since guys like Golladay will probably be out of our price range. 


I like that you put an emphasis on OL depth. The OL was very good last year as expected, but we saw how much they struggled when Holden and Green had to fill in for the Pittsburgh game.   


Overall, a very good mock with a lot of realistic moving parts. It's hard seeing TY go since he's the only guy left from the 2012 season, but I have also realized that if he's getting an offer of $10M+, he's gone. 

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    • Positions that are clear (real and perceived) QB1, X-WR, RB1, APB, RT, RG, C, LG, 3T, NT, CB1 (Rhodes), NB (Moore), WILL, TE1 and TE2.   The rest, have some element of fog (real or perceived) IMO.   Offense QB2 - If Eason is clearly #2, not sure whey we waste a draft pick on another QB. I didn't get it then, and not now lol. Z - Hilton his aging. Pretty clear the plan when drafting Campbell was that he would gradually work outside. Slot - PC is the obvious guy if healthy, but if he is healthy, and they start moving him outside, we still have questions.  LT - Fisher is clear if he returns to form. If not, a lot of fog. TE3 - Granson is a wildcard but assuming they want to use him as a move-slot-TE like they tried to use Burton. Not really a true TE   Defense L and RDE - time share here. There are several rotations I can see here, and likely won't be set early. MIKE - Oke is the clear leader, but there will be a lot of eyes on his run D. A time share here would not shock me. SAM - we don't use it a lot, so who knows. I could even see Oke playing SAM and Franklin handling MIKE on those SAM downs. LB Depth - who knows. Will we ever see Speed emerge? CB2 and CB Detph - RYS vs Carrie vs Tell vs Rogers. Nothing would surprise me. FS - Blackmon needs to take a big step forward in deep coverage. If not, I could see a rotation here. SS - Willis is very solid, but I could see him getting pushed by Shawn Davis.  
    • I think the QB position is a little unique in terms of depth expectation and planning.  And it depends on your expectations of the team.  See below in my response to CR91 for more.   Not sure I understand. How was letting Walker go an "answer".      Couple points here...  Hoyer's loss vs Miami was 99% on Reich. After Hoyer played pretty well vs Pitt (coming in cold) in which he had 3 TDs / 1 INT and completed 65% of passes, Reich chose to 1) not practice Hoyer with the 1s leading up to the Miami game, and 2) chose to throw it all over the school yard (around 40 attempts) vs a team that was horrible vs the run. Just super bad game plan and prep. I agree that a pricey vet QB, or spending much on a backup QB in general is pretty much a waste. That is, unless you are a true SB contender going into the year (and can afford it). I've always felt if your starting QB goes down for the year, might as well accept things and embrace a higher draft pick come next draft. It's extremely rare to go deep with a backup. Even Foles wasn't seen as a high end backup. He was just off a cheap one year deal, and was contemplating retirement. He came back to Philly for a moderate deal, which most thought was even too much. That was purely luck. Just my opinion, but I like riding out Eason and trying to develop him along the way. And trade him (if he's not in contention for starting job) later if you can get picks, or keep him if he's decent and cheap. I, like you, like what the Pats do most years.
    • I don’t think a decision can be made until the preseason when we all see if Eason can play.  There are guys out there like Barkley, who can get you through a game or two in a pinch.  From what I read the Bears will probably keep Foles simply because his contract makes it easy for them   But my point was that it’s interesting that most of of aren’t really concerned about the backup QB even though it’s the position that we have least experience.  
    • Not saying we're going to be horrible vs the run, just saying we have a lot of new pieces. I'm honestly not sure Paye will even be in on early run downs at this point. Could be Lewis and AQM, or Lewis and Rochell. We all know Buckner is a monster, but beyond that, just not sure. Grover is good, but not great. I'd love to see him continue to develop. He's only in on early downs most sets though.   But yes, if we fail in that area, our D could be scary bad. I'm just hoping Blackmon learns to cover deep, RYS is healthy and returns to 2H 2019 form, Rhodes has a few more years left, and Kenny stays healthy. I expect Willis will be his solid self. I expect a shaky start to the season though.
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