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Blue jersey with white pants or with blue pants?

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White, I don't really like the all blue that much...thought it would look better but it doesn't.  I do want to see the 84's as a throwback uni at some point.

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For me Blue & blue,, too many bad memories in blue & white,, in big games.. Absolutely  love white on white,, UNDEFEATED.. 2006 AFC champion BLUE & White remains special to me!!

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With me, road whites are off-limits.

 As to the blue tops, as much as i do dig the color rush blues, I’m an old-school-uni guy, and would lean to white pants.

  I’m in Penn State country, and there are some similarities i guess.

  I do think improvements can be made in the striping.  Minimal enough cahange to keep purists happy, but could “update the uni.  Perhaps 3 stripes down the leg and middle of helmet.  Middle one thicker than sides.  Not crazy wide.... tasteful like the stripes on a shelby. The middle stripe could be horseshoes similar to the way seattle uses imagry.  Maybe a large horseshoe on each shoulder that circles down around the number.  Minimal...... but updated..... without losing the “brand.”   Remember that outdated font that was recently retired?  A small “refresh” might be nice.
  I’d like to see a “ghosted” image of like padding texture or like metalplate image (barely noticeable) at shoulder pads, knee and thigh pads.  Like a 3d effect.   I remember oregon once had ghosted wings on the shoulders that were cool, bit not “too much.”

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10 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Imagine the players just running around in jocks with cups for their pants lmao 

White jocks, or blue jocks?

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Well, if you couldn’t tell that it’s the off-season, here’s this thread...


For real though, interesting thread. I really love both combos, although I think blue on blue should be saved for one home game a year, to keep it special. I like all of our possible uniform combos except white jerseys on blue pants, that just looks weird to me.


I will say, I’d love to have a special alternate uniform that’s all black with blue and gray accents for special occasions, I think that would be awesome

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18 hours ago, 427HR said:

too many bad memories in blue & white,, in big games...2006 AFC champion BLUE & White remains special to me!!

Which is it?
SB 2007 White & white no choice as visitors.

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WHITE!!!  The all one color rush uniforms are hideous no matter what team wears them.  Just too much of one color for me...with the exception of a team wearing white jerseys with white pants, which is much easier on the eyes.

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On 3/7/2021 at 8:54 AM, chickenMan said:

I will say, I’d love to have a special alternate uniform that’s all black with blue and gray accents for special occasions, I think that would be awesome

Camo anyone?

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