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Does anyone know where I can find some 4k pictures from inside Lucas Oil Stadium taken from the suites? During a game or empty. There is a company close to me that will blow up pictures to wall size, but they need 4k pics. I want to make one of the walls in my man cave so it looks like I'm in a suite overlooking the field. Preferably from the 45-50-45 yard line. Any help would be appreciated.

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You might reach out to one of the front office folks involved in video or content and production. They are all listed here. Their email addresses appear to be firstname.lastname@colts.nfl.net


You might also send a private message to @AWalkerColts to see if he has any thoughts. Good luck!

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this pic is actually higher than 4k I believe






LucasOilStadiumTheLuke.jpg (4256×2832) (wikimedia.org)


Lucas_Oil_Stadium,_2013.jpg (4000×3000) (wikimedia.org)


recommend just going to MS Edge browser, search on Colts Lucas Oil, then go to images, select filters, and then pick your min pixels. 


4k is 3840 x 2160 


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    • Instead of trying to split the atom on how stats are measured, let's keep it simple and just apply basic logic.    Should we not expect a 31 year old to lose speed? Should we not expect a tiny guy who's losing his speed, to struggle getting the same separation he relied on all these years? Even if you disagree with the majority of fans (who think he's slowed), wouldn't the trained eyes of the coaches know better? And if TY still had it (and Rivers was at fault), wouldn't TY get a better/longer deal than 1 year / 8M? Should we believe TY's stats are simply wrong, while most of the other pass catchers are grading better at separation while getting the same balls, by the same QB? Are stats out to get TY, or is Philip just bad throwing to TY and good to everyone else? And nobody saying Rivers is great. But simply other pass catchers are grading better with Rivers, than TY. TY relied on his speed all these years (along with route running). He's losing that speed, and now has to rely on route running (for tough yards) and mismatches (seam and bad DBs) for the majority of his highlights. There's no mystery here. It's just getting harder for him. I really hope he can squeeze one more 1000 yard season out for the Colts.   
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