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Terry Bradshaw had elbow surgery on this date in 1983...

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4 hours ago, Dogg63 said:

Odd fact of the day:


On this date in 1983, the winningest (4x) Super Bowl champion quarterback, Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw, checked himself into a hospital in Louisiana under an assumed name so he could have an elbow operation in peace. The  name he used?


Thomas Brady  :woah:



The conspiracy thickens...

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That's an awesome find! I never knew that. Very ironic on a couple of fronts, first the name and also the story about an aging Pittsburgh QB with elbow issues (that part I do remember).


"He would officially announce his retirement that July."


I wish Big Ben had kind of seen the writing on the wall and gone out with a bit more grace as well, but I do understand how hard it is for an athlete to admit to themselves when it's over. 

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