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Chris Ballard on Joey Mulinaro show

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Just listening... will share some highlights:

- talking about being disciplined and not going super aggressive with trades and FA - "I don't think you are ever one player away and... opportunity when it pops up you gotta be able to take advantage of it, like we did with Buckner last year"

- "when Andrew retired we knew it would be a challenge"[finding our next QB] ... "we think there will be some good options for us to go to" [this was taped before Wentz trade]

-  has a twitter account but doesn't tweet, he's not into it... doesn't have a burner either :D 

- ...

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1 hour ago, Fluke_33 said:

He was Kevin Bowens side kick 


That's probably where he should have stayed.  


You got to interview Ballard and these are the questions you asked?  


Ballard laughed out loud at Dalton.   



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Nothing wrong with doing a different kind of interview. I enjoyed it. I laughed at Ballard’s Nicolette gum story. The story of it in his pockets and his wife doing the wash was very funny.

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