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Cap space - about 50M (spotrac)



Rhodes - 2/17M


Cap Space - 42M




Carl Lawson - 4y/40M

Romeo Okwara - 4y/40M I trust Ballard but he doesnt have the best track record for drafting edge rushers so lets double down in FA on two that we know can get five or more sacks

Jonnu Smith - 4y/32M

Joe Haeg - 1y/1.5M


Cap Space - 12.5M



Miami got desperate and gave us both of their twos for our first 

Most picks may go earlier but they could fall


R2P4 - Liam Eichenberg OT

R2P18 - Greg Newsome CB

R2P22 - Tutu Atwell WR (Let TY walk but replaced him with his reincarnation) 

R4P22 - Richard Lecounte S 

R5P21 - Monty Rice LB

R6P21 - Khyris Tonga DT

R7P21 - Tristan Hoge G/C




QB - Wentz, Eason

RB - Taylor, Hines, Wilkens

WR - Pittman, Pascal, Patmon

WR - Atwell, Campbell, Dulin

TE - Smith, Doyle, MAC

LT - Eichenberg, Haeg

LG - Nelson

C - Kelly, Hoge

RG - Glowinski, Pinter

RT - Smith


DE- Okwara, Turray

3T - Buckner, Lewis

NT - Stewart, Tonga

DE - Lawson, Banogu

WLB - Leonard, Glasgow 

MLB - Okereke, Speed, Rice

SLB - Franklin, Adams

CB - Rhodes, Ya-sin, Rodgers

FS - Blackman, Odum

SS - Willis, Lecounte

CB - Moore, Newsome


K - Blankenship

P - Sanchez

LS - Rhodes 

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The trade is just not realistic and it would be odd to see us re-sign only one player, let the rest walk and then sign that many free agents. With that said I like most of the personnel except Carl Lawson. The draft is great, the trade just doesn't make sense from the Dolphins standpoint. There is plenty to like here.

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    • Is that (Farley) the guy that had lumbar micro discectomy surgery  recently? Even if he does recover well and gets in condition quickly enough to make training camp, there will be teams that will still be wary.  The reason is longevity, and accelerated degenerative issues concerning his back. On the other hand, didn't a certain GM/Team select Bob Sanders in the 2nd round of a draft knowing his playing style would possibly (likely!) shorten his career? Likewise picture another team taking a LB with serious knee/nerve injury with foot drop? (Jaylon Smith).   There are pluses, and minuses, in taking such players.    
    • We've got some decent value at the 5 and dime store.   Great bargains Rhodes Moore   Good bargains TJ Carrie Wilson
    • They are talking about next year's picks, which one (either 1st or 2nd) is conditionally going to Philly. Doubt they can contractually use either in a trade for this year (unless it's with Philly). Perhaps there's contract language that says we can deal our 2nd, but if we do, Philly would automatically get our 1st.
    • What is his role?     So does everybody on the team who doesn't want to be traded because of whatever Easterby did not seeing things as well as Watson and 5 players who were let go by the team?  Why are the 5 seeing it correctly and the 150 not?      
    • Instead of trying to split the atom on how stats are measured, let's keep it simple and just apply basic logic.    Should we not expect a 31 year old to lose speed? Should we not expect a tiny guy who's losing his speed, to struggle getting the same separation he relied on all these years? Even if you disagree with the majority of fans (who think he's slowed), wouldn't the trained eyes of the coaches know better? And if TY still had it (and Rivers was at fault), wouldn't TY get a better/longer deal than 1 year / 8M? Should we believe TY's stats are simply wrong, while most of the other pass catchers are grading better at separation while getting the same balls, by the same QB? Are stats out to get TY, or is Philip just bad throwing to TY and good to everyone else? And nobody saying Rivers is great. But simply other pass catchers are grading better with Rivers, than TY. TY relied on his speed all these years (along with route running). He's losing that speed, and now has to rely on route running (for tough yards) and mismatches (seam and bad DBs) for the majority of his highlights. There's no mystery here. It's just getting harder for him. I really hope he can squeeze one more 1000 yard season out for the Colts.   
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