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Happy 40th, Bob Sanders! (video clip)

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Bob Sanders was a beast and key in that Tampa 2 style defense. For a guy his size he could lay the wood. Reminded me of a poor mans Brian Dawkins. He could hit, cover the field, get turnovers. Just not at the level Dawkins did it but was very impactful when he was on the field. But that was his issue, staying on the field. 

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I once had a chance to talk with one of the colts physicians in 2006 about who was physically the most impressive player to see in person... He said without a doubt Bob sanders just stood out from the others. 

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Sooooo.  we NEED a LT.  how many would be shocked if CB went Safety in the first if that was the  BPA.    



IMO.  DE 3 tech will LB and safety make this D ( in that order)   Middle LB would be next 


Know the scheme 


My Dad knows this D 

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