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8 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:

I don’t know who this guy is?   But I don’t think he has much inside info.   His info sounded much more like opinion than anything else.    I found it all to be very, very meh....


No offense....  

Yeah, outside of his RB coach hit, the rest of his tweets have been very, as you said, meh.



He hedges his post and gives himself room to backout. Essentially saying nothing.


Not knocking anyone for posting it,  because I didn't knock anyone for posting Fosh tweets, but if I'm being honest I believe Fosh over Jason. Just is what it is at this point.



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9 minutes ago, NewColtsFan said:


I’m totally good that you recommended people listen.  My not being wild about him has zero impact on your recommendation.  Keep doing that.   I just didn’t find his info well sourced or insightful.  I think it’s mostly opinion.   I don’t feel like I learned anything new or credible that I haven’t read here before. 

Just my observation...


All good :thmup:

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Need to remember the colts can want to sign someone but it ends up not working out. All he is doing is giving insight.  As he has said intentions don’t mean they will. He isn’t making things up. Just giving insight on what the colts are thinking or trying to get done. Things don’t always work out.

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On 2/22/2021 at 12:42 PM, CR91 said:

Here are the cliff notes


- Colts and Rhodes wanna get a deal done.

- Autry and Carrie are right after Rhodes on the re-sign list

- They believe Ballard's main focus in free agency is to improve the pass rush and that LT makes more sense to address in the draft. 

- Colts would like to get Hilton back, but will allow him to test the market.

- They don't think the colts will bring back Houston and Mohammed.

I've listened to him before. Hit or miss, and more opinion than source. I like his opinions most of the time though.


IMO, they'll try to bring back Rhodes as the #1 priority. There are competing reports on Houston, and I think they'll try to get a deal done. Folks that want to let him walk are completely ignoring the stats, health, and value ($/production). Sure he's aging, but the production and win rate is still clearly there. I understand the fascination with Watt and all due to the name, but some of the stuff here makes me question how much awareness folks have (age, production, health). Autry and Carrie make a lot of sense too and neither should demand a lot. Autry is simply a great value in terms of $ and production (not to mention he can float), and Carrie is a great NB backup, who allows Moore to float to CB when needed. 


We basically have 43M and 2 early draft picks (3 if we trade back) to fill 2xDE, CB1, LT, and WR1. That's 5 expensive positions. It's going to be interesting to see what CB does in the draft. IMO it'll probably be fluid. It's a great T and WR class, OK CB and DE class. If a particular DE falls, I think CB will be very tempted, and if not, trades back for two 2s or and early 2nd and early 3rd. Out of that list, TY is my last FA priority and would have to be a tremendous value.


MIKE and TE3 are next on the list, but we have options, and neither are high draft capital or high priced re-signs/replacements.


I just hope most of the many questions are answered pre-draft.

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Totally makes sense to address LT in the draft and Pass rush in free agency.... Also a rumor floating around than Von Miller might be either on the trade block or a surprise cap casualty cut. I'd be shocked if it did happen, but even if there is a remotely tiny chance that he is available i'd hope to god that we at least investigated it....

Von Miller on that D-Line with Buckner as well..... look out.

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