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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

You have never heard of GT

david schwimmer shame GIF


Lol, I almost tagged you cuz I knew you'd appreciate the history.


His story is amazing.  Moving to Indiana, playing at IU, getting drafted (to the army), going back to IU, getting drafted again (to the Bears, his favorite team) as the first black player drafted by an NFL team, and ending up in Baltimore with the first Colts team.


I'm embarrassed I had never heard of him before.  :peek:

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I had the privilege of spending time with George and his wife Viola (circuit court judge) at a fundraiser 15 years ago in Bloomington. It was obvious from their posture and the way they spoke, those two were a power couple. Both were poised, proud, and at the same time as gracious and down to earth as anyone you'd want to meet. I'm glad I got to chat with them and shake their hands.

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9 hours ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:

From Colts.com homepage:  https://www.colts.com/news/george-taliaferro-black-history-month-feature-baltimore-colts-indiana-university


I'll be honest, I had never heard of George Taliaferro until today.  I'm glad I read this.





Thank you so much for this story I'v never read anything in my life that touched me as much .  I believe the Colts & Jim Irsay really should consider inducting Mr Taliaferro into the ring of honor at L,O,S he is COLTS history we love our COLTS all fans need to be aware of this man his story needs to be front and center we celebrate our hero's his is an inspirational one .  



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1 hour ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Does IU honor the color breakers in Athletics 



 I know UK does



GT has a plaza and a statue at the entrance to Memorial Stadium. IU honors him all the time, as they should

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