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Make four moves to improve the roster

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Sign Golladay                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Sign Clowney and bring back Autry                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Sign Reiff and draft a tackle if trade for McGlinchey doesn't materialize

Resign Rhodes 

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For me, these positions have to be addressed: Edge, LT, CB, TE. In that order.   I'm going TE instead of WR, because I'm going to be hopeful that our young horses at WR will get better. Even

Sign either Allen Robinson, David Moore, or Kenny Golladay   Sign Romeo Okwara   Draft Samuel Cosmi at 21    Draft Greg Newsome II in the second round 

Not at all, I think it would be a big mistake.

1 hour ago, Superman said:


Let me flip this on you. Could this team afford to rely on Odell Beckham, just from an injury/production standpoint?

Good point bc hes only played a full 16 twice in his career. I like him as a talent, not sure about him in the locker room. If we did anything would have to start out short term.

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2 minutes ago, krunk said:

Good point bc hes only played a full 16 twice in his career. I like him as a talent, not sure about him in the locker room. If we did anything would have to start out short term.


I think he's a bad fit in the locker room. Drama is just common to some people, and he seems to be that kind of person. I'm not calling him a bad person, or a bad teammate, and he's certainly not a bad player, but you can almost count on something Odell-centric happening on whatever team he plays for. 


Add to that his inconsistent availability, and the fact that he hasn't had really good production in four seasons, and I don't see a reason to consider giving up major assets and money to try to acquire him. 

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On 3/12/2021 at 9:47 PM, NewColtsFan said:

Why would Trent Williams sign here or anywhere for one year?


Most seem to think he’s going to a sign a deal for 4-years and a big payload!  

Good question, bare in mind we are playing in fantasy land here. Peace out :)

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20 hours ago, onebad150 said:

#1. OK first move I would do is trade back and acquire another 2nd, get our 3rd back  and maybe a 3rd day pick 

#2. sign Jonnu Smith

#3. sign Bud Dupree to a 2yr prove it deal

#4  trade for either LT Orlando Brown or The LT from San Francisco that played LT beside Nelson  at Notre Dame

I hope we retain several of our own free agents, but I trust in Ballard and his crew to do the right thing.

Just a few quiet moves that would enhance what we have and continuing to build through the Draft. It will be interesting to see how this all falls together

The 49er LT that I was referring to McGlinchey, would long term solution to LT

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Improve the pass rush

Upgrade secondary play 

Solidify the Oline and improve depth 

Find a receiving TE that is a mismatch 

Upgrade receiving corps

Improve coaching 



Obviously, how they go about accomplishing these goals (with the exception of Improve coaching) could be a combination of draft, free agency, trade and/or signing their own.
 There really are a lot of things we aren’t privy to and some people forget they’ve got some pretty solid players they have to sign.
  The coaching staff has changed as well and that may hurt or help us, we’ll see.

  I feel confident Reich will look at his coaching mistakes and Ballard’s group will make some good decisions.

  Sorry for the long post. I know you were only looking for 4 specific moves but there’s a lot of things they have to consider that will determine what the best course of action is.  

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4 moves huh?


Trade Wentz to KC for Mahomes

Trade Campbell to AZ for Hopkins

Trade Banogu to PIT for TJ Watt

Trade Chesley to TB for Carlton Davis.


There, Superbowl contender in 4 easy moves.  :D

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    • There is no more risk with Wentz than there was with old man Rivers.  He can play, there is nothing magical about it.   Gotta laugh how the Ertzites fawn over him, as there IS a fair amount of risk with him at any price. And he won't be the ONLY TE that May come available that could do some good in our O. It is all about having the tools to attack opposing D's. And we have Many already. Ertz would be a blip in an O that spreads the ball around.  We ARE YOUNG and strong and CB IS Building a very solid deep roster. Some realize what that means and some are Panicking.  Colts fans might as well Chill as it isn't All About this season.  Not when we have so many 2nd & 3rd year players needing NFL experience and having played so few games played together.  
    • I like Fields a lot. I had him as my #1 Qb in the draft, yes, ahead of Lawrence too. 
    • Another good video here. Coaches need to frame it better when talking to players. Make it known it’s a competitive advantage.     
    • The Steelers achille's heel may be their offensive line. That happens to be one of the strongest points for the Colts. Even though I don't think the Steeler are better than the Coltys, they somehow always finds a way to beat us. The Colts choke from the 2020 season which cost us a division title and a higher seed is the most recent example. The Colts have only beaten the Steelers twice in their last 10 matchups. I didn't think the Titans were better than us last year either especially after we kicked their tales in Nashville. However, we could not win the home game to put them away.  They lost some receiving options but added Julio Jones and some help to fix their leaky defense. I think Wentz will definitely be the X factor for us as well. I am just not convinced the Colts have the necessary offensive weapons to compete with the other AFC contenders. It sure will be fun watching Taylor, Mack, and Hines attack defenses though.
    • So you want the colts to go back to the grigson days of always making panic trades . Throw away a second round pick on a 32 year old wr when we could turn that second rounder into 10 year player instead of a 2 year rental .    I rather build slowly and have a nice base of young talent than to panic like grigson did and give away our draft picks . I don’t want the oldest roster in the league again and to buy a locker room . Once the colts can become a 12 plus win team and make noise in the playoffs then making a trade to put us over the top is fine . We are not there yet 
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