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QB Discussion and Preference Poll - Part 2.5

QB Discussion and Preference Poll - Part 2.5  

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  1. 1. What is your current choice for QB

    • Roll with Eason
    • Re-sign and roll with JB
    • Trade for Wentz (at most multiple 2nds)
    • FA Fitzmagic
    • FA Winston
    • FA Trubisky
    • FA Prescott (although he will likely be tagged and require draft capital)
    • FA Newton
    • FA Winston
    • FA Glennon
    • Trade our next two first round picks or players to move up for Lance
    • Trade our next two first round picks or players to move up for Wilson
    • Draft Mack with our 21st pic
    • Take Trask in the 2nd
    • Take Newman in the 3rd
    • Give up at least a 1st for Carr
    • Give up our 1st for Darnold
    • Give up our 1st for Tua
    • Mortgage the future with 1R picks and/or players to get Watson
    • Mortgage the future with 1R picks and/or players to get Wilson
  2. 2. Regardless of the who, what is your preference in terms of general strategy

    • Draft a QB without giving up our 1st or 2nd round picks (Mack/Trask/Newman)
    • Move up and draft (Wilson/Fields/Lance)
    • Roll the dice on a FA that will not require draft capital (Fitz/Winston/++ etc)
    • Give Eason a shot and use our draft capital on improving the roster
    • Mortgage the future bigly on a legit star (Watson or Wilson)
    • Use a single first rounder to trade for someone (Darnold/Wentz/Carr/++ etc)
  3. 3. In general, what are you willing to give up for the right QB?

    • Multiple 1Rs and/or star players for a rock star
    • Maximum one 1R, or one star player
    • Maximum one 2R, or starter but not rock star player
    • Draft picks after the 2R
    • I don't want to give up draft capital at all. I prefer to draft or sign a FA.

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  • Poll closed on 03/15/2021 at 12:55 AM

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1 hour ago, Shive said:

I'm really upset that he was right about this....


Not about the trade itself. Just that Fosh got this right. I guess if you throw enough at a wall, something will eventually stick.

That's not what happened. Clearly he's involved with an agent and that's why he posts crap and also has scoops. He's working some angle.


Not sure why this is a big deal. I found the back and forth a mildly amusing distraction from lot's of other crap. 

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I’m good with rolling with Eason or Trading for Wentz.    Rolling Eason is a win win for the team IMO. You could find your long term answer at the position or end up with a Top 10 pick. I don’t

If this happens at any point today, I'm off his back. I'll delete all my negative posts about him lol.

I hope Wentz doesn't suck. Wouldn't be shocked either way.. I don't think we'll see the guy that showed up last year though. I have to believe that was the floor and an outlier (because it sucked..).

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37 minutes ago, w87r said:

If he isn't playing good they could pull him and keep him under 75 no problem.


If he hits the 75% he will of stayed healthy and is most likely playing good.



Because like I said, if he is playing horrible, you don't let him get to that 75%. 

I could be wrong, but I think this is easier said than done.  

Because to keep Wentz under 75 percent, we’d have to bench him before December.  So, basically after Wentz would have played 12 games.   If Wentz is benched in November then we’re having a terrible, terrible year.  Heck, beyond terrible and we’d be in the running for a top-10 draft or maybe even top-5 type of season.   

If that is happening, the poop will be hitting the fan on all kinds of levels.  Duck and cover!  :peek:  (Just saying...) 

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53 minutes ago, James said:

Pittman, Kenny and Parris seems enthusiastic about the acquisition of Wentz.


And so am I! Let’s gooooo!

Time is now for them to start throwing together! :)


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43 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Fosh was hell bent the bears never made a offer. His post about that bears offer was clearly a joke. Turns out he was right.



He also said he was headed to Denver

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18 minutes ago, hoosierhawk said:

Remember, a broken clock is right twice a day!!:thmup:


True, but I said I would give him credit if he was right about this, so here I am. And as of right now, he hasn't deleted his previous tweets that didn't come true.


Stuff like this was obviously not true: 


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