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Here we go... Andrew Luck rumors (Merge)

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Just now, IndyEric07 said:

I wouldnt want him back! Whats from stopping him from quitting on us again!? He’s done for good anyways! I dont think he’d be mentally tough enough to make a comeback!

Well I guess the difference this time is we have a young QB behind him.


These texts are fake. Like Nicole would call Irsay Jimmy from the colts.

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I think it's a fake. At the same time, I think if it is fake, they did a heck of a job. I mean, who intentionally misspells dad and then re-texts to correct it, in order to create more authenticity to the fake text exchange? But, poor job on calling Jim Irsay "Jimmy from the Colts".


Overall, I don't think Luck is coming back. I think this is piggy backing on the the thought shared just a few days ago on ESPN:




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Please have more than just these text messages if you are going to try talking about Luck returning

We've already closed one of these today


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