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Deshaun Watson Officially Requests Trade

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11 hours ago, DougDew said:



Those reasons are being stated by people who take his side, making up the notion that those were long standing issues with Watson.  He signed a contract extension with HOU 5 months ago.  HOU was bad before he signed the extension.  Heck, OBrien was the HC when he signed the extension.  By the twitter message in the link below, he seemed really happy about playing for HOU back in September, and thanked OBrien, Jack Easterby, and the McNair Family.


Its all a big lie.  He wants a trade because he's chosen to escalate a double downed stupid comment he made about HOU not interviewing Eric Bienemy and slandered the entire organization's hiring practices.  He can't apologize because he's too arrogant and righteous. I say let him bid with himself again and escalate it again by holding out if he wants too.  By rule, HOU can hold back game checks.


He looks like a fool, and some people are running to his defense...most likely because its bad optics if people who want to criticize hiring practices admit they were wrong, so they are pretending that Watson is now upset over something else more long standing.






Doug...  these anti-Watson rants have gone from bad to worse.   Other posters here have noted you make it sound personal.   You have mischaracterized most everything that has happened.   Watson has a lot of support around the NFL.   I’d say far more support than dont.   I don’t pretend to know how this is going to finish?   But I hope you can lower the temperature here...   I don’t think it’s helpful.   Just my two cents... 


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Good Grief this situation seems to have triggered some and is no longer any kind of a discussion Closing

I think he will sit out if Houston doesn't trade him. That team is a mess.

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16 hours ago, BlackTiger said:

I see you are dug in on this and not listening to anyone else.  That was only one factor, not the end all be all.


I don't know why you are linking details of his contract.  Teams cut and trade those whenever they want, and players can request trades, sit out or retire.  Several other QBs were traded this offseason too.


He will probably never apologize because the team doesn't deserve one, they are horribly ran organization and other players are jumping ship too.

LOL.  You are dug in.  


He claimed that the HOU organization had flawed hiring practices because they did not interview Eric Bienemy.   


Do you think he should apologize for that?

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  • Nadine locked this topic

At times, the line between politics and football are blurred and our rules against political posting require thoughtfulness by our posters.


That is the case with this topic.  Several posts were removed from this thread because they were anti social justice/political and others were just defamatory and demeaning toward this player


Thanks to everyone who kept their posts within the rules here

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