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Aaron Rodgers could become available/Rodgers in Indy (Merge)

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Just now, chad72 said:


Why need a 4th down when you can run it in for a TD on 3rd down? At worst, he might be stopped at the 1 yard line and can do a QB sneak or FB handoff. 

I completely agree man. For someone whos pretty damn mobile it was out of character imo. Ive been going through different reasons in my head but still a perplexing choice. 

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By restructuring his contract for salary cap purposes at the end of 2019 season, $14.26 million of Rodgers' 2020 $21.55 million salary was converted into a signing bonus and prorated over his 2019-202

Rodgers only has himself to blame for not running that ball in on 3rd down. He had a clear lane to the EZ.   The decision to go for it should have been mostly irrelevant because 4th down wou

I would rather trade for Love. Rodgers is solid but has 2 to 3 years tops left.

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On 1/24/2021 at 10:46 PM, richard pallo said:

I would rather have Stafford thank you.  Rogers is a prima donna that thinks only about himself.  He got bent just because they decided to draft an eventual replacement in Love.  Can you imagine the nerve of them?  Expect the same reaction wherever he goes. Too much drama. Ballard said our team will never be about one player.  Good luck with that with Rogers as our QB.    I'll take Stafford he's 5 years younger too.  San Fran and NE and the rest of them can have at it.  Please Ballard get the Stafford deal done asap so we can plan our subsequent moves for the off season.  Thank you very much. 

I would get bent too. They made it to the NFC championship game, hes still playing at an MVP level, and they draft a replacement for him that might not start for a few years? Then they make it to the NFC championship again, and instead of having a 1st round rookie playmaker out there contributing, they have their 1st round investment sitting on the bench. When you're that close to winning a superbowl you gotta add more weapons in the draft, not build for the future.


Also Stafford 5yrs younger is nowhere close to the level Rodgers is now. How many MVPs has Stafford won? How many playoff games has he won? How many pro bowls & all pros? Give Megatron to Rodgers and watch what happens. Rodgers gives us a 2-3 year window to win a superbowl. Stafford gives us a 4 - 6 year window to make the playoffs and get bounced in the 1st/2nd round. He will never outperform Mahomes or Allen.. Rodgers can.

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On 1/25/2021 at 4:33 AM, Smoke317 said:

Rodgers may blame the coach but I distinctly remember Rodgers going Adams Happy and missing a wide open Lazard for an easy TD in the first half when the Packers were forced to settle for a field goal (similar to Rivers crucially missing Pittman twice in the Buffalo game).  I also remember the Packers abandoning the running game way too early when they got back into the game in the 3rd quarter. A sure fire Hall of Fame QB like Rodgers (just like Rivers) isn’t free of blame in that loss. 

That's because Adams was mad from the play before and probably chirped at Rodgers. It was still a good pass for Adams, he just didnt get his feet down..and he couldve. Lazard was wide open tho.

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