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Eagles hire Colts' DBs Coach Jonathan Gannon for DC


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19 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

The bright side of the Colts losing coaches is that it means that we have a really good coaching staff in place. People should be raiding our staff. It’s the mark of any great front office.

the top teams dont seem to want our coaches

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15 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

He retired. I doubt he is interested. 


Kind of think @Sumo63was kidding with the suggestion of potentially bringing Pagano in as a DB coach. 


Pagano is retired, so I highly doubt he's going to be coaching again.  And if he was to go back to coaching, after being a fairly successful HC (he went 53-43 in a position where apparently he was being overruled by Grigson in terms of what players to play/not play... went to an AFC Championship game in his 3rd season and only had 1 losing season in 6 seasons, which was when his franchise QB missed the entire year, he went 8-8 the year when Luck played 7 games and went 2-5 in them and 8-8 in a  year where Luck played 15 games but was battling injuries) and a successful d-coordinator... I highly, highly doubt it wouldn't be to take a pay cut and be a position coach (especially on a team who runs a defense which doesn't fit his defensive philosophy).



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