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Aaron Rodgers Tuesday is not gonna be fun on the Pat Macafee show this week.

Same reason Colts fans would. I am a fan of the game. If I perceive teams to be cheating, I dislike them. I stopped watching the NBA because it seemed that some games were rigged.   I have r

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    • Of course they are not your graphs, but this is your thread and you posted the graphs, hence why I said your graphs.   Back to this. I would like to see this in a thread with a poll.     Can't imagine too many people would take this stand. Would be intriguing to see though, no doubt.     Almost as bad as the argument that Godwin is "possibly" more valuable than both of them combined. I don't think there is a WR in the league I would trade for either of them, let alone Godwin.   I've never really taken PFF rankings as the final say or anything, I enjoy looking at their ranking, but if this is their conclusion(Godwin is more valuable), then I will probably just not pay much attention to them anymore.
    • It’s okay to make that statement, I see what your saying. The problem is it’s unclear how that statement relates to the topic we’ve been discussing on this thread. Were you saying that just to say it without implying anything? Or was it meant to mean that Wentz is a more desirable prospect than either Peyton or Andrew?   Context is important. 
    • Not long if we spend that way. Plus, we need to sign Nelson, Smith and Leonard for the long term.
    • I hope we keep Houston AND land Watt. We have the cap. 
    • Reports state Ballard never changed his offer.
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