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On 1/17/2021 at 11:22 PM, BillCoslosky87 said:

What the heck does Eli already having a ring have to do with anything? And just because Manning finally won a Lombardi in Indianapolis, I should be fine with the Colts losing to the Saints? Losing that game still makes me sick whenever I get reminded of it.




You can be bothered by a loss in a big game, without being bothered by the quarterback you lost to.   Brees is a classy guy.   If you're so bitter that you can't say a respectful goodbye to a future Hall of Famer,  then your priorities might be a little out of whack.    Just saying....  

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I dislike the Saints but it don't bleed over to their players. 

Bountygate was enough for me to dislike Payton and the organization. 


Brees has had a great career and proved a QB don't have to be 6'5" to be great. 

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If Brees is done, and it sounds like he might be, it’s the fans loss.  Drew was one of the good guys in the NFL that everyone can like even if you don’t like the team he played for.  I am glad he got a Super Bowl but too bad it had to be at the Colts expense.  

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5 hours ago, Colts1324 said:

It doesn't seem like it's a 100% clear cut decision does it?? Why wouldn't Brees just have said he was retiring during the press conference?

He was asked and basically said he’s going to think about it and not make a decision in the moment.


What I do know is all year there have been rumblings that the Saints were going to move on from Brees after this year regardless.  I am sure for obvious reasons they would prefer for him to retire than go some place else and play.  

So the story he was retiring came from Glazer and the question is who did Glazer get it from?  If it came from Drew’s camp then clearly that means it’s pretty solid info.  If it came from the Saints camp it could be they are wanting to push the narrative he’s done.  We will never know where it came from so all we can do is wait and see what Drew does.

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