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Official NFL 2021 Playoff Meme thread!

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Long time no see! I hope you are all doing well, been busy with work and got a promotion early last year before COVID-19 hit and just made things extra busy for me the last 12 months!


What a year eh? My pats missing the playoffs, the Browns and Bills making the playoffs in the AFC and then the Bucs making the playoffs too because old man Brady went there. Of course the Bucs were not a surprise but the other two were. I am happy for the Browns and Bills, maybe in a perfect scenario we will see the Browns and Bills playing for the AFC championship...


Anyways, enough ranting, you know what this thread is all about so let’s get started baby!8D347EB4-C67F-4FF3-A139-19AB046CD45E.jpeg.d3cdd16434066823d1bb35206727b18a.jpeg6CDFB4E0-AD5A-4E23-B1D2-7F1194B319F5.jpeg.b1b56fbe561ae5ba89ac8a1d98632c56.jpeg


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