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Love Of Brissett is sickening

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I have been a Colts fan since I was 7 years old and that is a long time.  I have never seen an organization kiss a players behind like the Colts do with Jacoby Brissett.  Brissett was a 3rd round pick

He is a leader in the locker room.     Also,   he is obviously much better than Chad

I don’t that I’ve ever seen a longer and more clueless rant than this. What a load of hot garbage. 

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Problem is our GM traded for Brisett and our owner paid Brisett big bucks. Do you want me to be the one to walk into their offices and tell them they're wrong?


Otherwise, I totally get it. The only thing Brisett is good for now is QB sneaks, his arm, his clipboard skills, and his smile.

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1 hour ago, Tsarquise said:

No, I do not follow the Saints. 


Isn't he used more than Brissett is?



Is your point that high praise for backup QB's with no QB controversy is common? 

At least Hill is a much better athlete and just a more talented player than JB. He’s a legitimate threat with the ball. 

But the love affair with both players is strange. 

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Jacoby to me was worth keeping on the roster only and only because Luck decided he wants to hang up his cleats. Then I thought somehow someway Reich and Ballard makes him look like he is worth a 1st or 2nd rounder as trade bait.  Besides that I agree Jacoby is a nice guy great locker room presence etc..  But being a leader and a good friend to his teammates don’t win games.  Jacoby is a great backup QB for the colts but that’s about it.  Jacoby doesn’t deserve the money he is getting paid so Colts need to release the dude or worst case maybe get a 5th round pick but I doubt that.  Time to say Goodbye to Jacoby!!  Thank you and I hope you land with an NFL team new scenario who knows he could become a starting QB elsewhere

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Obviously JB isn't a franchise QB or is worth 20 Mill a year, but bringing him back as a backup for maybe 10 Mill for 1 year is reasonable. That is a 50% paycut. Having a great backup can come in handy + the players love his leadership and he helps the team out. He isn't a scrub, he was 5-2 in 2019 before he got injured. The way some of you act, you think he is freakin Curtis Painter. 

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3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Obviously JB isn't a franchise QB or is worth 20 Mill a year, but bringing him back as a backup for maybe 10 Mill for 1 year is reasonable. That is a 50% paycut. Having a great backup can come in handy + the players love his leadership and he helps the team out. He isn't a scrub, he was 5-2 in 2019 before he got injured. The way some of you act, you think he is freakin Curtis Painter. 


1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

If we bring him back it won't be for (and it was 20 mill not 25). It probably will be around 10 Mill for 1 year which is reasonable.


1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

See nobody knows what he does in the film room helping Rivers out either, there is more too it. I wouldn't pay him 20 Mill a year again but 10 Mill for 1 year I could live with that.

You are dead set on 1/10


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    • OK....    I thought what I was saying was pretty obvious, but perhaps not,  so I'll try again....   If Chris Ballard wants to blow up and destroy everything he's spent the last 4 years building, I can't think of anything that would do it better than what you suggest.   I'm NOT saying CB should give Q and Darius blank contracts and say "fill in with the numbers you want"....   but CB will re-sign them and they will be big and generous contracts done without a lot of public fighting (unless someone gets WAY out of line with what they're asking.   But I'm not expecting that.)   Ballard has built a franchise built on culture.   We talk about here.   The team talks about it non-stop.    It's buzzing all over the city of Indianapolis.   It's even now buzzing around the NFL.    To suddenly play hardball with your best players, or worse,  trade them because they don't play the right position,  would literally destroy what he's built.   Blow-up the locker room.  Undercut  the relationships Frank Reich has with his players.   The rest of the team would see how we treated Q and Darius and think....   "why should I play hard for this franchise?   F*** them!   I'll ask to be traded the first chance I get."   In case you haven't noticed,  players demanding to be traded has caught on in the NFL.   It's not just for basketball or baseball anymore.   Ballard would lose all credibility with everyone.   He'd have wasted his 4 years here.   Reich would be screwed.   The front office would be furious.   Irsay would likely want to fire him.   It would destroy this franchise.   Final thought....    since you love to throw around what Belichick does....    deal with this...   when the Patriots were winning Super Bowls and making deep playoff runs year after year...     do you know who some of the top players were, besides Brady?     Logan Mankins,  offensive guard.   Rob Gronkowski,  Tight End.    Vince Wilfork,  Nose Tackle.  Donte Hightower, Inside linebacker.    Four key players.    All paid very well.    All Belichick favorites.    None, with the possible exception of Gronk played a sexy, glamour position that you obsess about.       I expect to agree with NONE of this.    But as someone who covered the NFL for 30 years as a member of the media,  and has followed football as close as I could for 25 more years (55 in all)  this is my judgement what would happen if Ballard would do what you suggest.     Sorry.    Good luck.....  
    • There are a few national writers who have speculated that Justin Houston will sign elsewhere either during or just after the draft. A fair question if that happens is: what are the Colts’ remaining options?  1. Sign someone like Melvin Ingram or Ryan Kerrigan. Not very good options, but I’d take Ingram.  2. Draft at least one DE early. This is the best and most obvious option, but after the second round, the pickings are going to be slim. So it will have to be a Day 1 or early Day 2 pick.  3. Roll with what you’ve got. Ugly option to even think about.  Conclusion: At this point, the Colts’ pass rush is seriously hurting if Houston isn’t resigned. Ballard of course knows this. Here’s hoping there’s a breakthrough in negotiations pre-draft, because signing Houston gives the team flexibility in the draft.  If the Colts allow Houston to sign elsewhere, given that this is a weak DE draft class, the Colts are putting themselves in a position where they HAVE to get a top DE early. And that could have them reaching Day 1 to make sure they do. To avoid that, give Houston a sweetener in the offer and get him signed!
    • Are we really going to trust a website called....  the Daily Snark?!?    Really?   And are we really going to believe those pictures which should fall under the heading of...   “Too good to be true!”    Someone typed out the deal clear as can be and then just left them there on a desk where anyone could come along and take a picture!   How convenient!       I’ll believe when Roger Goodell announces it, or the teams do,  and not one minute sooner.  
    • I fortunately, this isn’t a great class of tight ends.   Not sure what we will find if we wait until Day 3?
    • https://dailysnark.com/2021/04/19/leaked-photo-appears-to-show-draft-day-trade-of-packers-sending-jordan-love-to-the-patriots/   This is wild
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