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I really hope that mistake doesn’t crush his confidence moving forward. He fought all the way back from a serious lower leg injury. Also covid delayed his rehab. Hopefully people aren’t going overboard on him about that because at the end of the day it’s just a sport. Go Colts.

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Biggest play, biggest mistake of the game IMO.  Four points - the difference between winning and losing.  The game would have felt completely different going into half tied.   


Penalties costing points:  in 2020, it never ended.

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If you watch that play again (I know, it's tough to do), Turay actually flinched earlier in the hard count, which had me concerned. Then things relaxed and it looked like the entire Colts defense knew the ball was never going to be snapped, so I wasn't worried. I will never, ever understand how he got faked out there. One of the dumbest penalties I've ever seen.

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If that affects to a point it affects his future, than he's mentally very weak. I don't see it. My concern is that he still doesn't seem to know how to beat his man. 

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45 minutes ago, IndySouthsider said:

He makes these mental mistakes a lot. At some point cut bait.

I hope he is gone after that boneheaded play yesterday. Can’t tolerate mistakes like that from barely productive players.

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Buckner said it discussed they probably will not snap it will be trying to draw the offside.

So the offsides should not have happened.

Interesting they did snap it when it was offside, not sure if the center was aware and knew they had a free play.


Anyway, we have to move on and remember we were thinking Turay is our next great pass rusher and as Forrest Gump says, that is not something you can find on the street corner, or something like that.


I say we give him a 2nd chance and hopefully he rewards the Colt organization to return to his pre-injury form.  He will have 8 months of off-season recovery and should that much better.


Another baseball analogy, St Louis Cardinal 2nd Baseman, Kolten Wong in his rookie year, 2013, got picked-off first base in a crucial moment in the World Series against the Red Sox with hot batter Carlos Beltran at the plate.  He did have a stolen base the game prior but got caught taking too big of a lead, slipped while trying to get back to 1B.  They lost the World Series.  Wong has had a solid career, rewarding the Cardinals for staying with him. 



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