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Wildcard Weekend: Colts @ Bills, Jan. 9, 2021, 1:05 PM EST


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Need to tighten up, and need to send more than 4.....


He's going to eat us up all day if we keep being Charmin soft.


And Frank needs to keep being aggressive on O with the bigs. More Pittman please. And please use Doyle and MAC, especially MAC... No TE targets so far against their little DBs. And please, rush their edge..... 

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Just now, Happy2BeHere said:

Our D gave up a lot more then than we should have. Poor coverage on the past 2 plays of that series.

Our line is establishing some decent pressure. We need to see the DB's get a bit more press at the line to buy time, and we cannot break contain on the edge. We can absolutely play with this team! Go Colts!

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    • Nor is Patmon who is now gone, either is Strachan.  Strachan 3 catches in 4 games and no TD's and someone wants to tell me he is better than TY 
    • I am so sorry. I've known and personally lost too many friends and family to cancer. It honestly terrifies me how common it is in Southeast Indiana... 
    • The Four Tops? I never heard of that. I heard McGriff called the "Crime Dog" but never understood the meaning. He seemed so shy. Those four players were really good. Fernandez died recently, no? And Gwynn died way too young. He loved San Diego and refused to leave when he was a free agent. I remember the union, which was very strong at the time, putting lots of pressure on him to take more money and leave. He said his family was happy there and re-signed.   I always thought McGriff was shortchanged by his being somewhat of an introvert. He may have made the HoF -- maybe not. There was a time when he was the only player with 30+ HRs in six consecutive years. That was before the steroids era. He fell shy of 500 career HRs. Did you know? He started in the Yankees organization. Back in those days, the Yankees traded a lot of their rising prospects for veterans. The two names I remember fans always mentioning in NY radio shows were Fred McGriff and Jay Buhner. There were many others.    One of my other favorite non-Mets players also played out West but in the AL: Darin Erstad. I don't know what it was but he seemed to play with a lot of heart, hustling. He would have been a great player in the non-DH National League.  
    • Nor is Patmon who is now gone, either is Strachan.  
    • I think Reich is the biggest issue with the offense.   He hasn't shown the ability to scheme.  He hasn't shown the ability to adjust to take advantage of players talents.  
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