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6 - 0 

The Steelers are still resting.

MAN! Feels amazing to see the Titans and Steelers lose on the same day. Going to sleep well tonight 

4 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

Seems like huge leads get squandered the same way... Let a team chop you up quick scoring a TD then a random quick three and out

Playing 10 yards off receivers on a dink and dunk team. 

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Just now, Chrisaaron1023 said:

I can't believe how close this game looks to ours... Browns should start running the ball again.. geeze I hate the steelers

It does look like the Colts game. Ben is trying to channel Frank Reich in Buffalo 

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2 minutes ago, shakedownstreet said:


That's funny :D

Now if we were the Cleveland Browns we would get four NFL Championships which would even out the four we lost to Indy. 
However, we do have Modell and Ernest Byner in our Ring of Honor, which is weird. 

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Just now, adubb84 said:

Agreed. Not sure what was going on in that head of his. Just a hunch - I don’t think he laces them up again. 

Would be weird NFL if both him and Rivers left 

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    • OMG. I've been saying the same thing, just using his last name in there too. Such an obscure connection to make and I have no clue how the both of us made it.
    • If Leno is an upgrade then I question why the team signed all these other guys that really can’t play. They aren’t any better than Clark. Should have drafted one rather than signing up quantity over quality.
    • That may be, but why cut one of the most prized positions on a team when he wasn’t all that expensive? It would make sense to cut Nick Foles to save bucks if Leno was as good as some think.
    • Lets look at Leno a bit more   Villinueva had a PFF Ranking at 74.6 Anthony Cantstandya had a PFF Ranking of 73.4 Leno had a PFF Ranking of 74.6   Leno isnt an ALL PRO..... I get it..... but he isnt far off of other LTs that we were clamoring for   Leno also..... started EVERY GAME for 5 years.......  Thats big   Leno is better than Tevi..... if I am Wentz and there is choice between these two, I am standing on the table shouting "LENO!"   As mentioned, Leno would get a "boost" to play better because the line stunts Q is going to hold his own   The Colts need to get thru this coming year at LT. Leno isnt the long term answer (I dont think) But he is good enough to play LT on this line, for this year.   If we play a team with a dominant RDE, you chip the guy, or have a large number of plays where the the TE blocks.    A good running attack also helps slow down the pass rush     I started out wanting Fisher, and they may work something out for the long run, but Leno seems to be someone that we can plug in and go With all the research pointing to a 11-12 months on a full recovery, for Fisher, I think the Colts may let him pass How do you pay the guy for this year, if he isnt playing?   Tough calls..... I hope W.T.H. will not sign Leno.
    • His measurable s (As listed above by Scott) and college success were very very impressive. I wouldnt say no one cares what round you were drafted in, higher picks still get more chances without previous success than non. I guess time will tell but our system seems like a very good fit for what he does well.
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