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16 hours ago, pogi said:

I also said "not too many teams"


So maybe it's aging just fine


As far as the history of teams turning things around from the regular season, it happens enough years based on history that your "not too many" indicates it is uncommon based on most of our interpretation. Trust me when I say this, don't take it personal, you would not be the first person trying to cover his/her bases in an argument in this forum based on semantics and this won't be the first time you will do it either. I have had my share. :) 


I just gave 1 year worth of examples. Patriots vs Steelers 2004, Steelers vs Colts 2005, Giants vs Patriots 2007, Ravens vs Broncos 2012, all SB winners, and there is always a few teams that DO turn around results from the regular season that end up going the distance in the playoffs (few because only 12 made the playoffs till it was changed to 14 this year). Those are just noteworthy for being SB winners. 2010 Jets vs Patriots, 2015 Broncos vs Steelers are other examples too.


Just last year, Ravens vs Titans and Browns vs Steelers (with a healthy Big Ben) adds to the examples I gave you for reversing regular season results. These are just off the top of my head. The bottom line is, it happens enough times that it is not uncommon at all that I felt the Colts had more than a puncher's chance vs the Bills.


Regardless, welcome to the forum and hope to see you post more. :) 

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first half colts - 27      second half bills 55

I don’t know if the Colts can win this game, but over the years they have beaten some top teams when they weren’t supposed to win. 

Colts 28 bills 24. 

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