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Colts are going to the playoffs!

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55 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Exactly....I respect Buffalo but they are not an unbeatable juggernaut. They had a good regular season but the playoffs are an entirely different animal.  This Bills team is still searching for some post season success. I think the Colts have a chance in this one.  

Bills are very well coached, play good D and Allen is one of the best young QBs out there. They have an excellent play caller also who is  a hot prospective head coach.

My biggest concern is it seems no matter how far we get ahead  Frank abandons what got us there, generally the run and makes what appears to be no halftime adjustment and we blow big leads. Reich needs to be a head coach and give up the play calling and manage the team better at halftime.. I hope Ballard gives him an ultimatum to relinquish the play calling or else. 

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Had a long phone call. So I will say this. 


The Colts are going to the playoffs. The Colts are going to the playoffs.


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha 

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    • No one knows. The writer isn't necessarily wrong, the last time anyone saw Wentz, he was shaky mentally and a mess football-wise. Hurts wasn't any great shakes yet he was better than Wentz. We know the potential Carson has but if the national media isn't lapping it up, that's not a bad thing.    We all hope Frank Reich can unleash a beast who performs at levels even better than 2017 but fact is, we don't know. Even Chris Ballard said same, just as he did about Eason, we won't know what we have until the bullets start flying.
    • Good lord. I simply posted an article from rotoworld. If you don’t like it then let them know you disagree with the people who are usually correct with the info they receive. I wasn’t aware I would be told I was wrong for posting an article from a highly reputable site. You seriously need to relax. 
    • Eh maybe but I think it was more of let’s see how the draft shakes out and who is cut yet to make room to sign the rookies they picked. There’s still teams that have to cut some players just to get under the cap once the rookies sign. 
    • Dude I agree, but our base kinda concept is T2 with their personnel I think.  They play a variety of zones and trade off a lot.  They get lost in the secondary.  It’s actually complex as hell.   It’s possible Rock and Blackmon are gonna click as they learn the system, but it’s also possible IMO they continue to play replacement level foot ball.  Rock has issues but on many of his plays he gets NO help from the safeties. they want these guys to play downhill like T2, but they have to show they can cover first.  It might work and be exciting as hell.                       I am in lockstep with the Walker thing.  That’s why you never seem to know wth this team is trying to do well with SCHEME AND PERSONNEL.   sorry for yelling.  I don’t think our ideas about this team are really very different.     Franks a pretty good coach man.
    • Wentz wasn't my favourite option when we got him but watching some of his games from his rookie and 2nd year the guy has magic, can't wait. 
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