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The Colts biggest weakness

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I would say play-calling is the biggest weakness, on both sides of the ball.


I will say that I've seen some improvement down the stretch though, so I'm not losing hope just yet.


With better (consistent) officiating yesterday, we win and the threads here would be talking about how awesome we are for going 12-4 and winning the division.

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Coaching and play calling is my choice.   Way too many games where the team is great in one half and horrible in the other.  

I am convinced our weakness comes down to play calling with our backs. Regardless of being down OT, we should NOT have stepped away from the running game and started throwing the ball like we were. Ta

Pass rush is our biggest weakness. It exposes our secondary.    Big Ben threw it 49 times. They figured out that we are good against the run and bad at defending the pass, especially without an

The biggest weakness IMHO is Eberflus.  All year he refuses to make adjustments, or reverts to play soft zones or prevent.... he does not use the aggressive tools he has available.  Early in a game and it is up to the offense to catch up or late in a game playing prevent... Colts were just 2 fluke plays at the end of the game to being swept by Houston...

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