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What the hell was the second half D coverage?

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1 hour ago, shasta519 said:


A healthy version of the next Derwin James would suffice haha.


Yeah...two LBs would be ideal...unless they had 3 Leonards on their team...but no team really has that. I have always thought that the 3rd LB should be a S or CB (depending on down and distance). But to truly run big nickel...you need to have 3 good Ss...and some legit depth.


I think they saw a lot of similarities between Leonard and Okereke...athletic, rangy with long arms. Unfortunately...he hasn't really taken that leap yet...but I think it's his spot to lose next year. Ballard should still look at bringing in some competition though because I don't see Walker returning (unless his market isn't there).

I simply think that Okerke and Walker are the real liabilities in the back seven.  Everybody complains about RYS, but he's not really supposed to be a deep man cover corner. I think we're still supposed to be a zone D at its core. 


 Maybe Blackmon can take a few steps back if he didn't have to creep up to help out the LBers.  I don't know if that's what's happening, but I'd think better coverage in the shallow middle would help our Ss get back to the deep ball sooner. 



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I said it early in the 3rd that all Ben had to do was throw deep and a flag would get thrown. Too obvious to me, if a REF is going to alter a game, please do a better job. I have watched this game for

I still think we beat Jacks and the Bills beat the Dolphins so we get in but does it matter? You play Pitt or KC the REFS will give them every call.

Literally giving them 6-7yd a pop. Also where the hell was the DL? Pathetic performance in the second half.

On 12/30/2020 at 12:34 AM, compuls1v3 said:

Do we ever play press coverage?  I'd love to see us blitz while bottling up the receivers.

A little but not really what this defense is built to do.  The Colts corners really struggled in man Sunday and couldn’t keep their guys in front of them and their safeties kept getting tricked (especially after Willis went out) leaving no help.  This has happened multiple games this season as well so I don’t think playing press is a good idea as if you don’t get the press that’s just going to make those things show up worse and if your corners aren’t really press guys they probably aren’t going to do the press right.  

As for blitzes again not what the defense is built for.  They depend on getting pressure with the front four and at times it works but it didn’t work at all in the second half Sunday.  That’s why getting Buckner was such a big deal because he creates a pass rush up the middle.  

I am not a coach and I don’t have answers but I do know when you start asking guys to do things your defense isn’t designed to do and not something you really do you are just asking for trouble.


Pass rush is a problem but I don’t know if there is a fix for it that can be found at this point in the season.

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