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Week 16: Colts @ Steelers, 12/27/20 at 1:00PM EST


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Just now, SR711 said:

Does Frank not realize his starting RT and LT are missing and he has the most immobile QB in the league?


Gotta be more strategic about when and how we are throwing the ball.


Terrible, the one thing that was going to give them a spark we gave them...


See I would put that on Rivers. You can see him feeling the pressure, but he doesn't dump off on the two underneath routes he had. 


That being said, I don't think it merits the pitchforks. It's one play. He's had more than enough good ones to make up for it.

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Just now, krunk said:

They need to help Green. He sucks


Well, here is one way to help him: limit his exposure in pass pro..


The way I see it, this is one game where Rivers needs to have pass attempts around 20 total and there needs to be twice as many rush attempts 

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Game has that feel that if the the Steelers offense wasn’t gifted the goal line and a stupid offsides on the d then they would still have zero points. That’s damn near impossible to defend.

Defense is our only chance to win this game with conservative offensive play calling. Maybe run more plays with brissett who had a tad bit more mobility 


our OL will continue to be atrocious on the edges without our starters and that’s their defensive strength 

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Just now, Colts1324 said:

They are doing it too. I'm confused because I see it every game. Are they allowed to put the DE's in choke holds?? 

The refs don't call it


So being kind to the refs, how many interactions (between D-line and O-line) does each ref have to monitor each play, and in real time 

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