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Rigoberto Sanchez has cancerous tumor (Merge) (Update: Page 2)

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you Rigoberto. This has been a horrible year overall and this just adds to it. I hope you get better and you caught it early. Forget about football and stay out as long as you need to to get healthy. The fans and the Colt team will be here when you get back. Best wishes!

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Things like this are like a punch in the gut. It is also a good reminder that at the end of the day all of the men that put on the Shoe are just that men. They are like you and like me. They have families and lives outside of football. God bless you Rigo. You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. 

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I just saw a young person through a cancer scare like this.  I can tell you that dealing with it becomes exponentially harder the more people who know about it.


He's very public person and now all of this is public and that is difficult


Sending positive thoughts to him and his family.  Things like this... there are not words for how difficult this is

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Thoughts and prayers to Rigoberto and his family.  Wish them all the best, all the strength, all the peace, and patience to get through.


I'm relieved to hear that it seems they caught it early.  Hopeful that he will ultimately be ok and back with the team relatively soon.


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  • MTC changed the title to Rigoberto Sanchez has cancerous tumor (Merge) (Update: Page 2)

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    • Yes, it'll be interesting to see how the selection committee decides.   It's not a particularly loaded class, which may be good for Reggie.   Calvin Johnson was such a freakish athlete that I think he's got a strong case at WR, too... though Reggie has ~3k more yards than him and ~1k more yards than the other WR on the ballot, Torry Holt.  Megatron has 83 TDs to Reggie's 82 (both trump Holt's 74).  Reggie's got 150 more receptions than Holt (1070 to 920), which both trump Megatron's 731.  So regular season wise, Reggie's 10th in yards and receptions... post-season wise the only more productive WRs than him in league history have been Jerry Rice and Julian Edelman in terms of receptions, and he's top 5 in yards and top 10 in TDs. Holt was also on the 2nd team 2000's all-decade team whereas Reggie and CJ were not 1st or 2nd team.   Not guaranteeing it, but it'd be very cool to see Reggie and Peyton go in together.  I don't really see anyone else on the list aside from Peyton and Woodson who are clearly more deserving than Reggie.  IMO, Reggie's biggest critiques will be that he was WR 2 to Marv for a decent chunk of his career.  He also wasn't on the 2000's all decade team and has just 1 first team all-pro and 2 2nd team all pro appearances.   John Lynch (8x), Faneca (6x) and Boselli (5x) have all been on the ballot a while, which may help their case over Reggie... and Jared Allen's 136 sacks are pretty impressive as well as his 4x first-team all pro (but his sacks are only 12th all time - whereas Reg is top 10 in two WR categories and one of best post-season WRs in history).  Richard Seymour was on the first team 2000's all decade team and has multiple (3) 1st team and (2) 2nd team all-pros and multiple SB rings.  Ronde Barber and Zach Thomas were both 2nd team 2000's all decade team and multiple 1st and 2nd team all-pros.  LeRoy Butler has 4x first-team all pros and was on the 1990's all decade team.  I don't think Clay Matthews Jr. or Sam Mills really have a shot, other than their age.. but IMO they didn't have HOF worth careers (CM Jr. 1x 2nd team all pro, Sam Mills 1x first team, 2x 2nd team all-pro and has a cool story of coming from a D3 school and playing in the USFL before making it to NFL.. but his numbers don't really scream HOF to me).
    • Because if you don't have your long-term solutions at QB you should be searching for him and this is a good QB class. 36 year old Matt Ryan should not stop you from drafting your QB of the future and Teddy Bridgewater should definitely not stop you from drafting a QB if you think he can be the franchise QB.
    • The size of the bubble indicates quality of player, based on an advanced metric. Not saying it's infallible, but it tries to account for how good the player is.
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