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Colts @ Raiders, December 13, 2020, 4:05 EST


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Just now, NewColtsFan said:

How do you think Frank doesn’t see this?


Why fo you think Frank doesn’t see what you can see?


Maybe part of Taylor’s success is because of the way we also use Hines and Wilkins.


Maybe Taylor is as fresh as he is because he hasn’t been over used all season long.

It’s sad that some fans think they’re smarter than a successful coach. 


I say that because I think we’ve lost games this season because we didn’t stick with going to Taylor and shuffled in Wilkins & even Hines unnecessarily.  Taylor wears on a defense unlike our other 2 backs. And I can play your game too. maybe Taylor’s success is his own and it would be better without his usage going to a less effective Wilkins?  Maybe Frank can’t  see this because he defers to Rathman or hasn’t read my posts yet???

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