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Colts @ Raiders, December 13, 2020, 4:05 EST

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Your 8-4 Indianapolis Colts travel to Vegas for a late afternoon game with the 7-5 Raiders. Both teams are vying for a playoff berth. This is a must game for the Raiders, as they have no chance to win

Don't feed the trolls today.      Don't let trolls ruin the enjoyment of football. 

Best back we’ve had since Edge. He’s legit. 

Just now, Jared Cisneros said:

Keep enabling. Your type is the worst. Don't hold anyone accountable. If it were up to you, I bet Pagano and Grigson would still be here.

Go hang with Sensei Lawrence.... I don't have to hold anyone "accountable" I watch sports, I don't sign players, call plays, coach players, or own a team.  Go keep all the "accounts" you want for all the above.  It will make just as much difference as me enabling them... You're type is THE BEST!  Have a great one bro!

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