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Colts bring in Will Holden

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I know he's been in the league for a few years, but here's some pieces from a couple draft profiles :




What he does best:

  • Covers up defenders well on the play side of outside zone runs.
  • Strong arms to press and control defenders.
  • Had some good run blocking performances in Vanderbilt’s pro-style offense.
  • Showed ability to pull and move efficiently at guard.
  • Has shown versatility in playing guard and tackle.
  • Impressive run-block success percentage of 92.4 percent.

Biggest concern:

  • Struggled mightily in pass protection for three straight years.
  • Bit stiff and slow kicking back inside on pass-rushers.
  • Gives up the edge versus speed rushers.
  • Doesn’t show the feet to pass-block high-skilled NFL rushers.
  • Lack of consistency blocking, Holden loses a lot of blocks.
  • Graded average for the season in PFF grading and poorly in pass protection.

Bottom line: Good body type and frame for an offensive lineman who is probably a better fit at guard than tackle especially because of his struggles in pass protection. Holden struggles with his footwork at times and has had below average grades and performances pass blocking. Holden shows glimpses of solid play especially in his run blocking but overall his play has not been consistent albeit playing out of position at Vanderbilt. Holden will have to go to the right fit to make an NFL roster.


Bleacher Report



Pro Day Results

Height | Weight | 40 Time | Arm Length | Hand Size

6'7 ½"  |  311 lbs |    5.45s    |       33 ¼"     |    10 ⅛"



A three-year starter at Vanderbilt—one at right tackle, two at left—Will Holden impressed with his chance at the Reese's Senior Bowl in January. He is a four-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll, and NFL teams will love the wiring and IQ they're drafting in him.


With a 37-game starting streak, Holden is not a risk for injury. He is the son of a Navy man, and his work ethic and drive show on the field. He's a competitor who finishes blocks in the running game and will dump defenders with a mean streak. Holden shows power, patience and good angles in attacking defenders. In pass protection he's able to match strength and shows very good upper-body power to lock on to pass-rushers and shut them down. A patient, poised blocker, Holden is more pro-ready than many of the better athletes at the position. 



Holden will be a 24-year-old rookie, the age at which most teams assign a red flag. With 33 ¼-inch arms, he's a little short for the tackle position and may see a move inside to guard. A lack of quickness to space could also hint at a future move inside. Holden isn't great on the corner when protecting the left side. His lack of quickness and burst mean he has to win with length, and in the NFL, his arms just aren't long enough to battle that way. A move to right tackle, where he played as a sophomore, could help. 



Definitely screams G/T, but on paper seems like the type of OL we like; smart and mean.

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Spent sometime with the Colts in 2018.  I assume that’s why he’s back he should at least in theory know a little of the Colts system and they should know him.  

The best we can hope for is that AC can go and Smith’s groin holds up and we never see Holdin or Green start.

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On 12/11/2020 at 2:05 PM, LJpalmbeacher2 said:

One of if not the best actors of all time. 

I didn't do a search, so couldn't post a link so I'm not sure a certain individual forum member will believe me. haha

He was good also in 'Network'.




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On 12/10/2020 at 8:05 PM, LJpalmbeacher2 said:

One of if not the best actors of all time. 

I didn't do a search, so couldn't post a link so I'm not sure a certain individual forum member will believe me. haha

Normally, I might not believe you.  




Ive known of William Holden for far longer than you’ve even been alive.   I’m soon to be 64, you’re maybe half that.   Maybe?   And yes, William Holden would be on the short list of Best Actors of all-time.   Props to you.




**Mod Edit**

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