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Qb for next year/QB class of 2021 (merge)

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37 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

I don’t buy this.



My Uncles friends cousins sister knows a guy who's brothers girlfriends sisters neighbour has some good contacts inside the NFL..... apparently Stafford has indicated he is moving to 1 of 31 teams and the trade will definitely be done on a day of the week ending in Y!.....good contact as the same person told me either Biden or Trump would win the election!

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I love how good people are at reaching conclusions, based on absolutely no information at all.    First, we were definitely getting Stafford. Now, we're definitely not. (And we will definite

Stafford was always my #1 choice among veteran options. (He was my preferred choice last offseason, someone posted a poll and I picked him.)   I'M ALL IN ON STAFFORD YALL.

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2 minutes ago, Colt Overseas said:

Rapoport with an update.



Fully expect we will have an answer by next weekend. Hoping for Stafford but it seems like 49ers might be the front-runners now.

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