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The Decision to go for it on 4th down

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I definitely would've taken the points in that situation, but overall I like Reich's 4th down aggressiveness...that said, I'd rather have some 12 year old playing Madden call the actual play.


It's not just us, I'd love to see a league wide stat of how often running between the tackles works on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1, especially out of shotgun...it can't be better than 20%

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I’ve been very outspoken about Frank’s aggressiveness and what a breath of fresh air it was compared to conservative Pagano (Chicago fans are saying the same about the lack of aggressive playcalling t

I hate to complain after a win, so this is just an observation.  I agree they had the wrong personnel on that play.   My other “observation” was the third and three.  Instead of setting up f

Hard to argue that taking the FG to go up by 7 would've been the correct call.    What kills me is the decision to run up the middle, using Hines.    I'm happy with the Win, but le

Alot of things Frank does drives me crazy but going for it on 4th down is not one of them. What most people do not understand is that football is a turn based game. Each team takes a turn with the football. When it is your turn you do one of three things. Score a TD, Score a FG or turn the ball over (yes a punt is a turnover, you are using one of your downs to give the ball back to the other team).   There is a 90% chance that we would covert on 4th and 1 (although that is in general as I beleive that bunching up players and running up the middle probably reduces the chance to about 80%.).


There is about a 35 % chance on average that Texas would have scored after we kicked a field goal assuming that they start around the 25 yard line (chance to score is higher if we go prevent defense).  So if we convert on our 90% chance and score a TD we win the game or we kick a field goal and our overall chances to win go from 90% to 60-65% based on going for it vs the field goal. 


The right decision was made we just fell into the 10% of did not make it. 

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13 minutes ago, CanuckColt said:

Yes, Reich lucked out and the Colts got a W instead of a L...no thanks to Frank's dumb decisions... 1) to go for it and 2) to give the ball to Hines up the middle.

Frank has balls unlike many lmao , just the wrong play call. It still even worked out, we got a safety out of it but the offense failed to put the game away after the safety. 

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7 minutes ago, Dogg63 said:



So far, the Colts have gone for it on 4th down 24 times, which is 4th most in the league.


We have converted 15 times, which is 3rd best in the league. 


Go Colts!!

And it was still a bad call :thmup:

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