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Ballard hit a home run on this one

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Totally, he just hit 30 in June so I don't see him speeding up with age. That said, the Colts (until the disaster that was Week 12), the Colts must have some kind of magic potion *wink* because other than Marlon Mack and 3 key players against @ the Titans, the team was relatively healthy!


Especially when you look at the rest of the NFL..


I lived in Westfield Indiana and theres not much to do honestly, still love Indy no doubt about it, but not much to do for a football player other than PT in his farm-sized Indiana mansion so they probably had an advantage in that sense. 

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19 minutes ago, lollygagger8 said:



I still can't believe Colts didn't call Rhodes name in 2013 draft and called Bjorn Werner instead. Then Minnesota came in very next pick and swooped Rhodes up.


Would've been so nice to have him that whole time. 

The guy they should have taken went 2 picks after Rhodes. 


Deandre Hopkins 

He turned out pretty good lol

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2 hours ago, danlhart87 said:

The guy they should have taken went 2 picks after Rhodes. 


Deandre Hopkins 

He turned out pretty good lol

GMs draft for need.  They all do. 


We didn't draft Rhodes because we had just acquired a #1 Corner in Vontae Davis (a very good one) and teams can't devote capital into two #1 CBs, so Rhodes was never an option. IMO.


We had TY and Reggie.  Hopkins would have been a luxury too.


With Mathis aging and Walden being what we could sign given the cap constraints still, an OLB/DE was the right position to target (among some others).


Unfortunately, you have to make sure the actual player is good enough.


Some folks wanted Larry Warford, the G.  That probably would have been a better fit for what we needed.  He's still playing now too IIRC.

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    • That's what I was thinking
    • I think we're in good shape either way, it just adjusts our strategy with some extensions, and maybe we can't add another FA.    For a team like the Eagles, it completely changes their approach. If the cap is $175m, they can't keep Wentz without completely gutting the rest of their roster.
    • The trend is for the best offenses to be the teams contending for the Superbowl.  Are you aware of the basic Defense wins championships mantra?  You know Offense scores points?   I assume you are   Interstingly, the last really good D to win Superbowl was PHI and they had to score 44 points to do it v. No. 1 yanked Offense NE. And the Foles led offense carried them through the playoffs.  Before that it was Mannings Broncos.   Also intersesting is the 13-3 NE over LAR SB, featured the 25th and 27th ranked Ds in football.       The way to win in today's NFL is with high powered NFL passing offenses.  The rules are and have been set up that way increasingly over the last 20 years.   It's a lot different than when we were kids.   So like I said, it's usually Offense wins championships, Defense tries to hold teams to FGs.  There are occasionally anomalies but this is bascially accurate in todays' NFL.
    • There’s a good reason why defense everywhere suffered badly.   I can explain it in one word.  And you know the word.  Come on EVERYBODY say it with me!!!!   COVID!!   C-O-V-I-D!!   Defenses were poorer in the NFL and the college level as well.   Much less practice.  Much less contact.  Much less close up coaching.  Far more walk throughs.      When the world returns to normal, defenses will get better.  So will football. 
    • Not surprising at all. Here is how he ranked in other categories:   Intended Air Yards/PA - 26 Completed Air Yards/PA - 28 Completed Air Yards/Completion - 29 YAC/Completion - 2   First...it cannot be ignored that the Colts played (by far) the easiest schedule on offense. The average defense they played would have ranked ~23rd in DVOA. And that average was "deflated" somewhat by playing #1 defense PIT...when they clearly weren't the #1 defense anymore (after losing players to injury). That definitely played a factor.   Second...these numbers are as much Reich as it is anything. Reich uses the mesh concept (like he did with JB last year)...which creates open players in space and allows for YAC.    In fact, River's numbers (in the above categories) were very similar to JB's numbers last season. But Rivers is just a much better QB...and throws with better anticipation and accuracy. Throw in a HR hitter like Taylor and a young talented WR like Pittman...and you (naturally) have much better QB production with these concepts.   With the Colts offensive system, I think they could have immediate success with just about any talented QB they brought in...including a rookie. And if that QB is mobile...it will open up the playbook even more and raise the ceiling.   So I am in the minority here...but Rivers coming back doesn't move the needle for me. It's a lateral and stagnant move. I was all for the signing Rivers last off season...because it was the best of not-so-ideal situation. But if anything, it just proved that this team is ready to take the next step forward...and that means getting the right QB. Now is the time to make that move. So the only way I want Rivers back is if they get aggressive and move up to draft a QB who might need to sit for a part or all of a season.    TBH...I would rather roll the dice on Darnold and accept the risk of a reset year. I think he make a  good transition to this offense. And either he breaks out and suddenly you have a 24 year-old franchise QB...or he doesn't...and you have a reset year with the Colts in a much better position to draft a QB. Bringing back Rivers does nothing for the position long-term...and likely means another pick in the 20s.       
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