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Saying Polish’s strategy worked because we got to the Super Bowl may be true.  But karma & the football gods made sure we paid for that coward move.  Us giving the Jets that win helped them get in the playoffs, and sure enough they beat a very dangerous opponent that we would end up not having to face.  Then we were blessed to face the Jets who we “knew” we could beat in the AFCCG.  

But karma reared it’s head and Freeney gets injured in garbage time and was rendered ineffective in the Super Bowl...  So we go into the Super Bowl against the “Hurricane Katrina” Saints & our story was the cowardly team that gave away a chance at perfection...  heckuva contrast. I wonder who the football gods favored in that one???  Lol.


No other franchise would make that move.  Only an arrogant guy like Polian who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else would take that away from his players and coaches.  And like others said upthread, Polian had the audacity to send Payton, Reggie, & Dallas out to get some records in the middle of a snow storm the following in Buffalo.  The hypocrisy was appalling.


But here’s the real kicker.  We were 13-0 with home field already locked up headed into a Thursday night game against the Jags the week prior to the Jets. Freeney and Mathis were both out.  As were other starters.  The game was a shootout. Peyton & Reggie had to do some CRAZY heroics to come back and win that game. If you’re gonna pull the plug on perfection, there was the opportunity. Road game. Many injuries. Short week.  But no you go ALL OUT. Risking Peyton & Reggie in a meaningless game.  Giving the fans the idea that we’re going for it.  

So when we fans all show up the next week for the Jets game (through a snowstorm mind you), and to see us just Quit was heartbreaking. Easily one of my worst moments as a Colts fan.  And I’ll never forgive Polian for it.  It was weak move and the players, coaches, and fans all deserved better.  As great a GM as he was (and he was great), we often came up short when it mattered most.  Ironic our only Super Bowl win came when we had to grind to finish the season and grind to make it through the playoffs. Not playing scared and giving up on immortality by resting guys when he felt they needed to rest.  

Good riddance Polian.

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