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CR91 Colts third quarter report card

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Colts record 7-4


Second place in division and 7th in AFC standings currently


The colts have played what many have deemed the toughest stretch of the schedule in the last 4 games finishing with a 2-2 record.


The colts offense produced perhaps their most productive string of games especially in the run game up until today as injuries on both sides of the ball caused a tremendous struggle, however that does not deter all the good the offense has done. Rivers has looked a lot more comfortable as his turnovers have gone down. Hines, Taylor, and Wilkins have helped the run game as we have taken a lot of the offense off of Taylor's shoulders. Right now, the biggest concern is the heath of the line with Kelly already hurt and now AC going down.


The colts defense has shown it's dominance all season with much stronger second halves then first. Buckner continues to show how he is well worth our first pick and that wasn't more evident today. Blackmon is making Ballard and scouts look like absolute geniuses. My concern is the inconveniences especially in the first half of games. We are not playing a complete game as these second half heroics can not continue to keep us in games. Also I need to point out how Rock needs to learn to stop grabbing. He has the talent to be a good CB, but he panics when he gets beat and fouls and that can't continue.


The colts special teams imo is the only consistent part of our team. Blankenship had more then handled the pressure of taking over a legend as he continues to have a great rookie year along with Sanchez. 


Overall, the colts are still in good position to make the playoffs and are still in the running for the division.

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4 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

Hey buddy, we're not done with the 3Q yet :goodluck:


I know, but I wanted to address the last four games and to keep everyone from jumping off the cliff.

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