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Titans @ Colts, Nov. 29, 2020, 1:00PM EST

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^^ You in your Colts blue & white, taking a break from the game.   Good luck in the game!    

Your Indianapolis Colts play the Tennessee Titans in an intra-division game that both teams want to win to remain atop the division. Although both teams have a 7-3 record, the Colts beat the Titans 34

^Closest thing to a ring ceremony the Titans are ever going to attend. 

The refs call anything and everything against the Colts tho. It didn't even affect the play. But, regardless WTH is Rock doing. He is awful. That is a game-changer. 

17-14 Colts ball with momentum for the defense off the sack. Now, Titans have momentum up 21-14 with our starting LT now out and no legit threat to run the ball.

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1 minute ago, EastStreet said:

wasn't much of a hold, if at all. 


I agree, I hate when they call ticky tack stuff and don't let them play ... but seems Rock gets called all the time ... got to adjust if the refs are calling everything. 

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1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:

I think you have to take Rock out, two costly calls gave them that 7.

Absolutely...he’s been awful all year and has not progressed at all.  Constantly holds and gets toasted by WR.  You bench him at half and keep him there for the year.  Then I would dump him in the off season.  Ballard completely missed on that pick 

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