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Colts Packers Reply Tonight on NFL Network @ 8CST

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    • If you are correct good for us.  But cutting out O'Brian was start of cutting the cancer out.  The rest is yet to be seen. 
    • Possibly.   I think he might wear a little thinner over the course of a game than you’d expect, too. Like it’ll be really fun the first quarter and a half and then it gets old and tiresome, kinda like Madden there at the end, just not as sad. 
    • I’ve been reading these SI pieces on Easterby and his rise to power down there and something is just off about it.    Easterby is a really strange figure. He’s cropped up through the years and there’s like a collective negative reaction from everyone. When the chatter of Brady and Bill breaking up started out for the very first time his name would come up and pretty much always suggested he was pushing Brady out. I saw it a ton on Twitter and Reddit which is where I first picked up on him.    Once he went to the Texans and tried to hire Caserio the first time the Patriots took that personally. They filed tampering charges. To appease the Pats the Texans specifically agreed to stop trying to hire him. Now, they’ve hired him anyways.   Look at the way they’ve done Watson this offseason. They reportedly told him that his opinions would be factored into the big decisions. Only for that to just days later not happen. You don’t do that to your star quarterback. But they did. Why? Behind all the changes and all the drama what has been the one constant? Easterby. In his role to Cal McNair as a highly trusted advisor who is very involved in the organization.    I believe Easterby is the one behind the Hopkins, and upcoming Watson deals because those two weren’t onboard with whatever it is he is. Those guys just got plucked and replaced bang-bang.    It’s just curious all around. No other team has an executive that isn’t a GM that comes up as often in all of the big decisions.    If it’s not bad it’s highly peculiar at best. Carelessly discarding guys like Hopkins and Watson isn’t how many would build a franchise.  
    • He's not going to the booth anytime soon IMO. He's going to go coach...  It's been the plan all along.
    • I'm still confused on how it's fair to give Baltimore TWO 3rd round picks for ANOTHER team hiring one of their coaches. Shouldn't the team hiring get the picks if anything?? 
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