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Ravens-Steelers game postponed until Sunday

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22 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Great coaching by harbaugh.

Except to end the half. Lol


They are hanging in though.



Ive been going back and forth with myself, whether it would be better for us for the Browns and Ravens end up 11-5, that way our tie breakers with Raiders and Miami for last spot(if we dont come back and get division/ still more than a possibility) if we finish 10-6, would be down to our h2h with Raiders and conference with Dolphins. Although I firmly believe Dolphins won 9 games max and more likely 8, imo.

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Baltimore gave really good fight but looks like they will fall short. Colts will have a game up now on the ravens and raiders.


The colts and Steelers offense looks a lot alike. Short passes with the occasional chunk play of pass down field. Big Ben and Rivers and the same point in their careers look a lot alike. Even Ben through a bone headed int. Get pressure on him and you can rattle him like Rivers. Steelers have to be the quietest undefeated team I have seen.

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I don’t think Steelers look like a SB team. They look like a team we could beat. 


Colts need to take care of business against the Texans and Raiders and they should be in good position to make the playoffs. We can’t lose to the Texans or Raiders. 


The Ravens might get some players back Tuesday from the covid list but it would sure be nice if the cowboys would show up and beat them. I think most of their positive tests have been without symptoms so they will get aloe back for that cowboys game.

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