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Who’s Got Colts Mailbag Questions This Week?

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I won’t brag too much about predicting the exact outcome of last Sunday’s win over the Packers (OK, I was off by two yards on the field goal distance), but that’s the kind of quality weekly content you’re getting with the Colts Mailbag.

In all seriousness, though, huge, huge game on the horizon this Sunday against the Titans. Who’s got questions for this week’s Mailbag?

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This was brought up in a topic earlier but is their a reason for up and down defensive performance every week? 


Seems like Eberflus and the crew always come out flat then play lights out in the 2nd half. 


I enjoyed Taylor getting 22 carries last Sinday after following limited carries so do you expect that trend to continue as the season progresses?


Another topic I brought up was how willing people were to bring Rivers back another year.

I support him and would enjoy his presence another year so what are your thoughts?

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I'm seriously tempted to team up on another prediction question and answer, just to see how far you can take it, but I think this may be one of those things best left as a one time magical moment :D. So instead, I'll just ask about something else I'm curious about.


With the (earned and very well deserved) publicity recently about the impact of this rookie class, how has the development been going with the only two of this class's draft picks who have yet to see any playing time - Eason and Patmon? And as always, thanks for doing this for us.

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