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Darius Leonard or Fred Warner who's better?


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1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I get what you are saying now. I still think winning the division is the best way to get in though.

We have an easier path to the div than TN so not really worried about them if we handle our business. If we both win this week, and we beat them next, we'll have basically 1.5 lead on them. If somehow we don't win the division, both Browns and Ravens own tie breakers. I agree though, TN is a hole is probably the easiest path. I just know we own our own destiny, and impact TN's. We don't have any impact over Balt though. 

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On 11/20/2020 at 8:42 PM, Superman said:

Fred Warner played in the SB last year, he's a little better known at this point, and Rodgers hasn't faced Leonard yet. 


To be clear, Warner is really, really good. He's probably a more physical player, better tackler, a little more explosive. Leonard has been more productive so far, and is really good in his own right. They'll both be fun to watch on Sunday. I'm glad we have Leonard, but I wouldn't mind having Warner. 


I would argue Leonard is just as explosive of a player as Warner. Also, with making the All Pro Team and Pro Bowl already, Darius is very well known in the league. 

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Leonard is a really good player.  He’s pretty week in his drops though.  Plays the ball in front we’ll, not so great in the intermediate passes.  People complain about the secondary but our LBs are not much help.  

I don’t know Warner specifically but if he’s good or decent in his drops, he’s probably better Than Leonard.

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