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Jaguars fans are committing voting fraud to screw over Vikings

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But does it really matter for the Jaguars?


How many years of top 10 picks have they had now? Just about every year? And they still suck, well except for their annual win over the Colts.



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Classic.  It probably won't mean a lot in the end, I mean it IS the Jags, but this is kinda funny.  I'm betting teams will refrain from using these types of clauses in the future now.

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With 10 years of top 10 picks they have only 4 on the team. 2 are from last year with 1 of those being questioned as a bust already. 


2010-10th pick-- DT Tyson Alualu.. Average in Jax, now with the Steelers

2011- 10th pick- QB-Blaine Gabbart.. Complete bust, now back up the Bucs

2012-5th pick-WR Justin Blackmon.. Complete bust, out of the league

2013-2nd pick-OT Luke Joeckel.. Bust, signed with the Seahawks.

2014-3rd-QB Blake Bortels- Complete bust, out of the league

2015 3rd pick-DE Dante Fowler Jr- Average at best-Traded for  a third rounder.

2016-5th pick-CB Jalen Ramsey- HIT, but he didn't want to be there. got traded for 2 1st picks to the Rams.

2017-4th pick-RB Leonard Fournette- Bust, cut and signed by the Bucs this year.

2018-29th pick-DT Taven Bryan-Low 1st rounder, looking like a bust so far. Still on the team.

2019-7th pick-DE Josh Allen- Looked real good in 2019, below average this year. Still on the team.

2020-9th pick- CB CJ Henderson-Looking good at times, lost other times

2020 20th pick-DE K'Lavon Chaisson- Looking bad so far.1 sack and is rumored to not study or practice well.


So here's the reason why the Jags are horrible. in the last 10 years 6 players picked in the top 5, 10 in the top ten and 2  other 1st round picks,  all they have to show for it is a CB that looks good one week and lost the nest, a DT that is all but written off as a bust, A DE that hasn't done anything this year since the speed rusher was traded away and a DE that is said to not like practice or film study, and it shows (1 sack this year and a liability is in the run game).  So they can get all the top picks they want, you know what will happen..



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saw this on reddit, kind of funny but not really "Fraud".  if you care that much about this you can jump in and vote for someone else


there was a post on the colts reddit from a titans fan trying to rally us to do just that.  personally im not that worried over a 4th vs 5th round pick, they are not that good at drafting anyway lol

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