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Irsay's "mad dog" tweet?

A.J. Colt

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Could be a reference to Jimmy "Mad Dog" Matis, a former Q95 personality who I think may be joining the Colts radio team in some capacity.

Mad Dog was hired by the parent company of the Colts' flagship radio station. I wonder if he tired of the sales job and was able to get on with the in-hosue radio team.


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For those who aren't sure what the OP is talking about, Irsay's tweet was "What's this rumor I hear,the Mad Dog comin' n2 the fold!!!! My gracious me!"

Personally, I have no idea what he is talking about

Could he possibly be talking about Mad Dog Russo, the sports talk guy on Sirius? Maybe coming to camp?

I know the Sirius guys will be there Thursday. You're right, Isray is really out there.

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I assumed he was talking about Mad Dog 20/20. Perhaps that's the new plan to get a little bit of meanness on defense and offensive lines.

And as far as I'm concerned, as long as Jim keeps putting a winner out there (or at least doing everything he can to do so) he can tweet whatever wants to. I like that he's not afraid to be himself.

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